Ad Clerum – November 2014

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3ydd o Dachwedd 2014 November 3rd

Bydd wrol a dewr iawn! (Josua 1.7)

Be strong and very courageous! (Joshua 1.7)

In this Ad Clerum:

2020 Vision Sunday (International Day of the Prayer for the Persecuted Church)
Advent Message
CMD News
Hwyl a Helo
Parochial Fees
SAFEGUARDING Please ensure that you read the notes in this Ad Clerum about Safeguarding, training about which is compulsory.
Same Sex Relationships
Vacancies Gorsedd Group & Area Dean of Holywell Associate Priest, Rhyl
Diocesan Conference

Annwyl Gyfeillion,

A big thank you to all who participated in our Diocesan Conference. My own feeling is that this event gets better year by year, and that understanding has been reflected back to me in many comments. I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to our diocesan team who worked so hard to make that happen.

As you know, during my presidential address, I asked people to offer to me some indication of what, put very simply, they believed we should stand for as a Church. These suggestions have been analysed, and the majority opinion was that the love of God should be the focus of our mission and life. Siân Sweeting-Jones has set them out very nicely on a sheet and Sheridan Goodey has produced a Wordle which allows you to see the important words.

Advent Pastoral Message

As I indicated in my address, my reflections on some of the mottos proposed will form the substance of my Advent Pastoral Message. As usual, it is my wish that this message is relayed to your congregations at the main act of worship on Advent Sunday, which falls this year on 30th November. There will be five forms of the message: written forms in English and Welsh, audio recordings in English and Welsh, and a “bells and whistles” version which has been recorded and edited in glorious technicolour by our Communication Officer, Phil Topham, for those of you who have the means to play video material in Church. Even if you’re using one of the other versions, it would be good if you could refer your congregation to the web address, where they will be able to watch my Advent message delivered on You Tube. The links can be found at:

Public page:

Private page:

The public page will go live a couple of days before Advent Sunday, and the links on the clergy resource pages about a week before that, so that clergy have time to distribute the letter, or arrange for its publication or broadcast.

Sunday 16 November :

2020 Vision Sunday & International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Two weeks before Advent Sunday, I hope your parishes will be marking November 16 as 2020 Vision Sunday by supporting and praying for the Church in Wales’ strategy for growth. We are all well aware of the major changes that are underway in the Church in Wales as we respond to the challenge of being God’s people in the world today.

Prayers, readings and sermon notes themed around 2020 Vision are being sent out to all churches in time for the Sunday and will be available online at

Given that this Sunday has also been nominated as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, however, it seems important that our prayers include the situations in the Middle East that has been the focus of much of our newscasts, discussion and prayer. I should be grateful if these intentions could be remembered at the Eucharist and in our intercessions on 16th November as well, and I attach a suggested form of intercessions which draws all these threads together. These can be used in the absence of anything better.

Hwyl a Helo

I am delighted to announce that Carole Poolman will be succeeding John Bernard Jones at Parish Priest of the Treuddyn Group. John will be retiring, as you know, at the end of the year, and, in accordance with the Mission Area plan for Mold, Carole’s charge at Pontblyddyn will be merged with the Treuddyn group, while Llanfynydd will be joining the Hawarden South Mission Area Team.

Vera Lewis is going to transfer her ministry from being Priest-in-Charge of the Henllan Group of parishes to becoming Associate Priest in the Caerwys group. Vera is a long standing and faithful priest of this diocese, and we have been very grateful for her readiness to serve with dedication in the life of the diocese.

I am pleased to welcome Deb Swann back to stipendiary ministry. Deb is resuming her training in a new role as Assistant Curate of Mold at the beginning of this month.

I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Danny Evans as a Vicar in the Rectorial Benefice of Hawarden. Danny is joining us from the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon, and his wife, Mary Evans, will be taking up a role as Assistant Curate in the Rectorial Benefice as well. We warmly welcome them and their family to this diocese. They will be moving in the February half term.

It is good news that Robbie Dennis has been appointed as Honorary Canon and Commissary to the Bishop of Saldanha Bay in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. This doesn’t mean that we’re about to lose Robbie, but that he takes on the honorary role of representing the Diocese of Saldanha Bay in this country (the UK) when the bishop needs a representative. I was delighted to meet Bishop Raphael during a recent visit to this country.

I am very glad that Mary Brotherston and Linda Mary Edwards have accepted my invitation to join the team of pastoral chaplains. Mary served for many years with distinction in this diocese and Linda Mary is well known to all of us for her ministry in Pennant Melangell, and it will be good to see them both in this new role. Do remember that the team of pastoral chaplains are available to support any clergy or sensitive pastoral situations across the diocese. Approaches can be made either directly, or by reference from me or any of the archdeacons. The existing team are listed in the Yearbook, and Mary and Linda Mary will now operate alongside them.

CMD & Training Together including SAFEGUARDING

I attach to this Ad Clerum an update from Manon James about CMD next year. You will remember that all stipendiary clergy are required to book for at least two sessions of CMD in addition to our clergy synod meetings. NSM clergy are invited to make as much of a commitment as they can. I am delighted with the professionalism of the new Training Together Prospectus, which you will have received at the Diocesan Conference, and this indicates something of the range of events that is being set up.

The Bench of Bishops has, however, expressed some concern on an extremely important topic. As you are no doubt aware there has been considerable press and media coverage of recent and historic cases of abuse. In recognising our duty of care to those who regularly attend or visit our churches we are in the process of revising our Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults policies and procedures and the new Safeguarding Procedures for the Church in Wales will be available by around November 2014.

As part of the Historic Cases Review and also the review of policies and procedures, it has been identified that ALL clergy and laity who work with Youth and Children must attend a Safeguarding Training Course to familiarise themselves with these procedures and understand their duties and responsibilities in relation to Safeguarding in the Church context.

In addition our insurers EIG expect all of us to engage in training and to ensure our safeguarding practices are to the required standard. Failure on our part might lead to vulnerable people being at risk but also put at risk our insurance cover.

Working with the NSPCC and Llamau who are professionals in the field of safeguarding a Safeguarding Course specifically designed for the Church in Wales has been developed. As you will appreciate this is a huge undertaking and training will be rolled out to ensure that training needs across the Province are met.

The details of training for this diocese is set out by Manon in her CMD News, but attendance at one of the safeguarding courses is mandatory and I require you to contact the Diocesan Office as specified in Manon’s newsletter to indicate which of the training events you will be able to attend. Due to a restriction on numbers on each course you may be required to attend an alternative if your first choice is over subscribed. An early response would therefore improve your chances of attending your first choice. You will then receive written confirmation of the booking.

Once the initial Stages are complete and all existing clergy have been trained there will be an ongoing training provision for those who will be new to Ministry and new to Wales. I greatly will greatly value your co-operation in attending one of these courses designed to ensure that the Church in Wales is a “Safe Church”.


The Church in Wales is undergoing a period of rapid change, and this cannot be avoided. In order to ensure understanding and co-operation, we are trying to model a process of change which involves widespread consultation, and the chance for those affected by change to have a say in that process. This means that there will be quite a few extra meetings laid on, and the opportunity to participate. Some of those meetings are necessarily mandatory for clergy – like the Safeguarding in the last paragraph – but there will be a number of other meetings coming up in the near future to which you may well wish to give attention.

2020 Vision

“The Time is Now” Conference in Llandudno later this month will set the pace with respect to the implementation of Mission Areas across the Province, and other aspects of the Harries Review. The bishop’s Staff will be bringing plans to Standing Committee for a series of follow up Conferences in the New Year. Details will be published as soon as plans are agreed.

The Blessing of Committed Same Sex Relationships

At Governing Body in September, the Archbishop announced on behalf of the Bench that a twelve month period was being set up to complete a consultation process on the Church’s attitude towards the recognition of committed same sex relationships. Now that both Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages can be celebrated by the state, there is a strong feeling in some quarters that the Church should make provision for the blessing of such relationships. Indeed, when consulted, 83% of the clergy in this diocese indicated support for such a move, and only a slightly smaller proportion of Governing Body indicated the same sort of feelings at the consultation in Governing Body last April.

The Bench of Bishops are therefore issuing a Consultation paper, responses to which they wish to consider at their meeting next June, with the intention of bringing proposals to Governing Body in September 2015 with respect to any changes which have support, and which could include the blessing of civil partnerships and marriages, and perhaps even a change in the Canon Law with respect to Marriage, although this seems to command less support at present.

I will be consulting with the Bishop’s Staff and Standing Committee about the form that the consultation will take in this diocese, but in the meantime, I attach the consultation paper. Do feel at liberty to use this paper with your PCCs and at Deanery or Mission Area Conferences, and to feed the results of any such consultation into the diocesan process of consultation. I should be interested to receive such feedback in Esgobty. Such a move would obviously represent a significant development in the life of the Church, and it is important that we seek God’s guidance as we consider the questions that society pose for the Church, of which this is currently one of the most prominent.


There are two vacancies for which we are looking for the right priest at the moment:
· Area Dean of Holywell and Vicar of the Gorsedd Group of parishes
· Associate Priest in the Parish of Rhyl
You will find more details about these two posts at the end of this ad Clerum.

Dates for your diary
Monday, 10 Novr Installation of Honorary Canons at Choral Evensong at the Cathedral, 1800hr.
Wednesday, 12 Novr Induction of Val Rowlands as Vicar of Llandyrnog & Llangyfan and Vicar of Llanrhaeadr & Nantglyn at St Dyfnog’s Church, Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch, 1900hr
Sunday, 16 Novr 2020 Vision & Prayer for Iraq & Syria Sunday
Wednesday, 19 Novr Induction of Elaine Atack as Rector of Bala at Christ Church, Bala, 1900hr
Sunday , 23 Novr Confirmation, St Matthew’s Church, Buckley 1530hr
Tuesday, 25 Novr Area Deans / MAL Consultation, St Margaret’s Church Hall, Wrexham, 0930hr – 1600hr
Monday, 1 Decr Installation of John Lomas as Archdeacon of St Asaph at Choral Evensong in the Cathedral, 1800hr
Tuesday, 2 Decr Parochial Fees Consultation Meeting, Cathedral, 1100hr
Wednesday, 10 Decr Nicholastide Confirmation, Cathedral, 1830hr
8 January Commissioning of Jonathan Smith as Mission Area Leader of Wrexham, St Giles’ Church, Wrexham 1900hr
11 January Induction of John Lomas as Rector of Caerwys and Bodfari at St Stephen’s Church, Bodfari 1500hr.
19 January The Licensing of Carole Poolman as Priest in Charge of Treuddyn & Nercwys at St Mary’s Church, Treuddyn at 1900hr.
20 January Clergy Synod Day, Beaufort Park Hotel, Mold
9/10 March Area Deans / MAL residential, Foxhill, Frodsham
2 April Chrism Eucharist, Cathedral, 1100hr
13 June Readers’ Day, Gresford
27 June Ordination, Cathedral, 1000hr
29 September Clergy Synod Day, venue to be confirmed
7 October Retired Clergy Association Eucharist & lunch, St Asaph
10 October Diocesan Conference
11/12 November Area Deans / MAL residential, Foxhill, Frodsham

Notes and Queries

2020 Vision

There have been several requests to Cathedral Road for copies of the 2020 vision logo for various publications around the province. There is now a shared drive, in a variety of formats for Print and Web use where the logo can be accessed. Higher quality images for print use are in the “For Print” folder. Lower quality images for distribution on the Internet and Email can be found in the “For Web” folder. To find the files click this link: \\\2020logo If you have trouble accessing this share, please contact Sam Helkvist in the IT Department at Cathedral Road. If you need the logos in a different format, please e-mail

Advent Calendars

It is hard to think that it is nearly time to start thinking about Christmas again. I’ve already received my chocolate Advent Calendar, a sample of “the Real Advent Calendar” that has been produced once again. Further details are available at, and I am told that Tesco will be stocking them in good time for Christmas.


You will recall that the Church in Wales, in common with other Provinces in the Anglican Communion, has authorised several contemporary language liturgies. These liturgies have been produced by the Standing Liturgical Advisory Commission and approved by the Bishops and the Governing Body for use. It appears however that they are not always being fully utilised as widely as they might be:

Christian Initiation – 2006

Funeral Services – 2008

Daily Prayer – 2009

Marriage Services – 2013

These liturgies offer a great variety and choice of readings and prayers, and may be used selectively to produce booklets suitable for parish use and use in individual circumstances. Copies of all of them are available through the website and Church in Wales publications. Many of them can also be downloaded for adaption for parish use.

I take this opportunity to encourage you warmly to study these and forthcoming liturgies at Staff and Deanery Chapter meetings and to promote their use in the Parish.

I am aware that this Ad Clerum includes much that will demand the time, energy and attention, not just of the clergy, but of the whole Church. It is important to know that this busyness of the life of the Church only has any purpose or sense in so far that it is faithful to Christ and proclaims the good news of the Kingdom which God has revealed in him. I hope therefore that your Advent will be more about prayer than about politics, and founded upon the quiet seeking of Holy Wisdom, from which all life and mission proceeds.

My warmest good wishes now for your ongoing ministry,

Bishop Signature

Bishop Signature Bishop Signature







Area Dean of Holywell and Vicar of the Gorsedd Group of parishes

Are you someone who is able to translate a challenge into a workable solution, a person of energy and flexible thinking, generous toward and encouraging of the gifts of others?

Would you welcome the ready co-operation of an outward looking team eager to go for growth and all to be done in the beautiful environment of rural Flintshire on the North Wales coast?

If so, we would be delighted to have you help to lead our Deanery and to care for our group of parishes at this exciting time in the life of our Deanery and our Diocese as we move in conjunction with the other parishes of our Deanery toward the formation of a Mission Area.

For an informal conversation please contact the Rev’d Sue Moriarty (Assistant Priest) on 07901678641 or Archdeacon-elect John Lomas on 07810 357895

A recruitment pack is available from: or from the Bishop’s Secretary on (01745) 583503.

Applications should be received at Esgobty by 12 noon on Monday, 24 November 2014 and interviews will be held on Tuesday, 09 December.

Associate Priest in the Parish of Rhyl

The Parish of Rhyl is looking for a Dynamic & Visionary priest who has a heart for mission, and the energy and desire to work in partnership with a team who want to see growth.

For an informal conversation regarding this post please contact the Vicar of Rhyl, the Reverend Andy Grimwood on 01745 797196 or

A recruitment pack is available from: or from the Bishop’s Secretary on (01745) 583503.

Applications should be received at Esgobty, St Asaph by 12 noon on Monday, 24 November 2014 and interviews will be held on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 in Rhyl.