January 2013

Ad Clerum : 7fed Ionawr 2013 January 7th
Octef yr Ystwyll : Octave of the Epiphany

Dilynwch Fi, medd yr Arglwydd
Follow Me, says the Lord

In this Ad Clerum…

• Episcopal Visitation
• The Real Easter Egg
• Lent Prayer Cards
• Hwyl a Helo

Annwyl Gyfeillion,

We are now five months from the beginning of the Year of Pilgrimage. It could be a year of significant spiritual growth for us all as disciples of Jesus Christ and as a diocesan family, and I trust that I have your support in making the year meaningful and applicable in all our parishes.

To mark the beginning of the Year of Pilgrimage, the diocesan motto reminds us that a pilgrimage is about more than a trip to see a special place. It is the outward expression of an inward desire to travel with Jesus as his disciples. All pilgrimages are journeys of faith, by which we seek to bring ourselves more closely into configuration with Our Lord Jesus Christ. We make a physical journey to seek out the God who reveals himself to us in our hearts.

It is pleasing therefore that we begin the year remembering a journey, the journey of the magi to discover and worship the new born King. They famously followed a star as their pilgrimage, and journeyed in faith, hoping to make a discovery of the way in which God was working in the world.

So – Happy New Year! I wish you all well for 2013, and I hope that it brings for you the opportunity to travel with our congregations towards the fullness of life we are given by God in Christ.

The Second Episcopal Visitation

2013 will also see the start of my Second Visitation. A programme has been organised which is based around deanery visits. The focus of these visits will be to continue the dialogue around “Planning for the Future” and the Church in Wales Review. I have been impressed by most of the deanery returns for Planning for the Future, but it is important first, that these responses are living documents, capable of evolution, and secondly, that they form the basis for an ongoing conversation between diocese and parishes. We need to be collaborative at every level of the Church’s life if we are to develop common purpose and reinvigorate the life of the Church with the sense of journey and movement that will enable us as the Body of Christ to discern Christ’s calling.

The programme of the Visitation extends through 2013 to 2014 and will run alongside the Year of Pilgrimage. Articles of Inquiry and citations to attend the visitation will be issued to all clergy, readers and wardens, but I hope to involve all those involved in active ministry in each deanery as the process gathers speed.

Hwyl a Helo

I am delighted that Martin Snellgrove has accepted my nomination to the Corwen Group of parishes, and to be Area Dean of Penllyn & Edeyrnion. Martin will move to Corwen, as John Lomas completes his transition ministry there in March.

In the next couple of months, I will be licensing Graham Beckett to the parish of Mostyn and Brian Harvey to the parish of Bagillt as part of the reorganisation of the Holywell deanery. I am always grateful to colleagues who are willing to see their workload increase, as we make long term provision for the pastoral care of our congregations, and we are also looking for ways of supporting these colleagues in their additional care.

We were sorry to lose Susan Blagden to the other Bangor at the end of November. The Bangor group of parishes will now go into a twelve month transition period, being looked after at first by Barry Gauge, and after March 1st, when he finishes in the Corwen group, by John Lomas in his role as Transition Missioner. The incumbency will be advertised towards the end of the year, and it will fall to the Provincial Board to make the nomination.

I am sure that we will all be sorry to be saying farewell to Warren Williams, who will be leaving Meifod before Easter in order to take up a house for duty position in Yatton in the diocese of Bath and Wells. Although we are sad to see him go, it is a good move for Warren and Diana, who will be closer to family.

I am sure that we all share the delight of John Thelwell and Meryl on the news of the birth of a granddaughter, Gwennan Mai, over the Christmas holiday period.

Dates for the Diary

26 Jan The Wedding of Manon Parry and Dylan James. I am sure that we will want to wish Manon and Dylan well, and to hold them in our prayers.
20 Feb 1900hr Licensing of Brian Harvey as Priest-in-Charge of Bagillt,
at St Mary’s Church, Bagillt
24 Feb 1530hr Confirmation at St Paul’s Church, Colwyn Bay
25 Feb 0930hr-1530hr CMD Day, in the Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University, on Safeguarding and Inclusion, looking at the way we treat the vulnerable and the disabled. The day will be led by Karen Phillips and Elaine Cloke from 39, Cathedral Road.
04-05 Mar Area Deans’ Residential Meeting, Foxhill Conference Centre, Frodsham
07 Mar 1900hr Licensing of Graham Beckett as Priest in Charge of Mostyn, at Christ Church, Mostyn
21 Mar Enthronement of Justin Welby as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. (I don’t get an invite, but I think we should all be holding Justin in our prayers)
28 Mar 1100hr Chrism Eucharist in the Cathedral
30 Mar 1900hr Easter Vigil and General Confirmation at the Cathedral
14 Apr 1530hr Confirmation, venue to be ‘confirmed’ in Alyn deanery
29 June 1000hr Petertide Ordination in the Cathedral

Notes and Queries

Lent Prayer Cards
A final reminder that orders for the Lent Prayer Card need to be received at Esgobty by Wednesday 12th January at the very latest. Prayer cards are free and available on a first come first served basis. I really would like to encourage all the members of the family to join with me in this daily prayer, which can be attached to our recitation of evening prayer.

Permissions to Officiate
I am pleased that 117 clergy have renewed my Permission to Officiate in the diocese and we thank them for the invaluable service they offer. These clergy now have my authority to conduct public worship as of 01 January 2013. Clergy who are not in receipt of a renewed PTO should not be leading public worship in Anglican churches, or taking occasional offices, without permission directly from me.

The Real Easter Egg 2013
A whopping 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs are sold each year, yet the Real Easter Egg (made in Wales) is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity and development projects. The Real Easter Egg is now in its third year of production with more than 200,000 sold so far. This year the Real Easter Egg has a free activity pack in the box which includes the Easter story, activity poster, free itune download and a sticker set. I am pleased to commend the Real Easter Egg 2013 campaign to you and your congregations. For more information please visit their website.

Anniversaries in Ministry
On Sunday June 23rd I would like to invite those who will be celebrating a significant ordination anniversary during 2013 to join me for a special celebratory Eucharist at the Cathedral at 1100hr – anniversaries such as 25 years and the subsequent ‘0’ anniversaries thereafter. If you have a special anniversary this year that you would like to celebrate with us on June 23rd then please contact the Dean.

This letter comes with my very best wishes and thanks to you all. May 2013 bring us all the blessings of God which enrich our lives and service.

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