April 2013


Ad Clerum : 2il o Ebrill 2013 April 2nd
Dydd Mawrth yn Wythnos y Pasg : Tuesday in Great Week

Dilynwch Fi, medd yr Arglwydd
Follow Me, says the Lord

In this Ad Clerum…

• One Sermon only
on 12th May
• Starting the Year of Pilgrimage
• Church in Wales Review
• Pastoral Chaplains
• Clerical appointments
• Diary
• Vacancies
• Notes and Queries

Annwyl Gyfeillion,

If this Ad Clerum had appeared yesterday, then I would have been proud to announce that Pope Francis had decided to visit Wales, and had indicated he wanted to visit St Asaph Cathedral, but that was yesterday, and this is today.

It was remarkable to have the Week of Two Enthronements – or should we say Two Inaugurations – a couple of weeks ago, and I believe that two new leaders for the billion or so Roman Catholics and the 80 million or so Anglicans will bring much change in their wake. Pope Francis certainly seems to be making an impact with his refusal – so far – to bow to the pressures to be grand, and I’m sure that Archbishop Justin will bring a new style to our own Communion. We pray for them.

Ministry and Calling Sunday

Sunday 12th May 2013, the Sunday after Ascension, is kept by the Church in Wales as Ministry and Calling Sunday, when we are asked to give special consideration to the question of Vocation.

This year, the Bench of Bishops has decided to give the clergy a Sunday off preaching, and the bishops themselves will preach. Even as you read this Ad Clerum, preparations are being made to record the bishops delivering the same sermon, which is about ten minutes in length, and which addresses the question of vocation. If you do not have the requisite technology, then a printed version will be available at the beginning of May, which is to be read in all churches where the broadcast version is not being used. I intend that both an English and a Welsh version should be available in both printed and recorded versions.

Please build plans to receive this sermon, and to use it at the main Sunday service that day.

The Year of Pilgrimage

It is strange to think that the year of preparation is almost up, and the Year of Pilgrimage is almost upon us. The April/May edition of Teulu Asaph includes the first of six special pull-out features on the activities of the year, and please do consult this to discover all that is happening. Please lead your own people in pilgrimage – in a physical journey to holy places, or in the spiritual journey of the heart towards the heavenly city of Jerusalem.

The Year of Pilgrimage will be officially launched with a special service at 1530hr in St Asaph Cathedral on St Asaph’s Day, Sunday 5th May. I do encourage you to ensure that your parishes are well represented at the service. The Pilgrim Staff will arrive at the Cathedral at the beginning of the service and during the service Diocesan Pilgrimage Shells and certificates will be distributed to your parish representatives.

The Church in Wales Review

You will be aware of the Provincial Review Implementation Group, of which our own James Turner is a member. The group is charged by the Provincial Standing Committee with overseeing the process of decision in response to the Review – not to make decisions, but to ensure that response and decision by the appropriate bodies is carried forward. The group has asked for work to be started on “Ministry Areas”, and the Standing Committee approved a diocesan response on this subject at its last meeting. This response may be found here.

Pastoral Chaplains

I am pleased to announce that John Thelwell has agreed to join Stephen Lowe, Tony Sadler, Margaret Robarts and Peter Wykes as one of my Pastoral Chaplains. Please do not forget to make use of this important area of support should you wish to, as the pastoral chaplains are there to be consulted confidentially on any matter where you wish for extra support, and can be used by me in situation where extra pastoral care is needed. Don’t forget either to refer to the Pastoral Support of the Clergy document that provides further information and which is available on the clergy resources webpage.

Hwyl a Helo

I am pleased to announce that Adam Pawley has been appointed as Rector of Hope in succession to Martin Snellgrove. We welcome Adam to his first incumbency in the diocese, and Adam will be inducted on Thursday, 5 September.

We welcome John Geary to the diocese from the diocese of Manchester. John will be joining us as House for Duty Associate Priest in Bagillt and Flint, based in Bagillt Vicarage, and working with Brian Harvey. John’s licensing service will take place at Bagillt on Thursday 13 June.

John Lomas has now completed his transition ministry in Corwen and has moved to the Bangor Is y Coed group, where he will be offering transition ministry until the end of the year.

John Glover has indicated to me that he intends to retire at the end of June. John has been a dedicated priest serving Rhyl, the diocese and the Province in many capacities through the years, and we wish him and Beryl every happiness at they begin to plan for retirement in the summer.

Dates for the Diary

14 Apr 1530hr Confirmation, All Saints’, Gresford
23 April 1200hr Visitation meeting with Clergy Chapters of Montgomery archdeaconry at St Mary’s Church Rooms, Welshpool
1900hr Episcopal Visitation to Pool Deanery, St John the Evangelist, Pool Quay
05 May 1530hr Year of Pilgrimage Inaugural Service at the Cathedral
16 May 1900hr Episcopal Visitation to Cedewain Deanery, All Saints’ Newtown
21 May 1900hr Episcopal Visitation to Mathrafal Deanery, St Myllin’s Llanfyllin
23 May 1900hr Induction of Martin Snellgrove as Rector of the Corwen Group of Parishes along with his Commissioning as Area Dean of Penllyn & Edeyrnion at St John the Evangelist, Cynwyd
09 June 1030hr Confirmation at St Michael’s Church, Kerry
11 June 0930hr – 1530hr CMD – Building Ministry Teams with John Daniels, Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University, Wrexham
13 June 1900hr The Licensing of John Geary as House for Duty Priest at St Mary & St Peter’s Church, Bagillt
25 June 1200hr Visitation meeting with Clergy Chapter of Penllyn & Edeyrnion Deanery at Llandegla Rectory
1900hr Episcopal Visitation to Penllyn & Edeyrnion deanery, St Trillo’s Church, Llandrillo
29 June 1000hr Petertide Ordination in the Cathedral
30 June 1500hr Confirmation, St Giles Church, Wrexham
07 July 1530hr Confirmation, St John the Baptist, Ysbyty Ifan



I am pleased to attach the details for the appointment of a new member of the Ministry Team in Mathrafal, and who will be rooted in the Meifod Group of Parishes as Vicar. All expressions of interest in this delightful group of rural parishes should be explored with the Archdeacon of Montgomery, although formal applications should be directed to Diane McCarthy, as Secretary of the Diocesan Board of Nomination.

Rhyl and Wrexham
are both nominations which fall to the Diocesan Board of Nomination, and will be advertised in due course.

In line with the Church in Wales Review, all posts are now to be seen in the context of building up our ministry areas based upon deaneries. Although the posts mentioned here are incumbencies, those appointed will be appointed as part of the deanery ministry team, rooted in the particular communities which will be their primary base. Licences will be adjusted to reflect this new reality.

Notes and Queries

Bishop’s Second Visitation
I am looking forward to making my Visitation visits to the three deaneries in Montgomery archdeaconry starting later this month. There are still some Articles of Inquiry outstanding which should have been returned to Esgobty by 12 March. I do ask that outstanding Articles should be sent to me as soon as possible. The Visitation papers for the Deanery of Penllyn and Edeyrnion have now been sent out from the Diocesan Office and these should be returned to Esgobty by 14 May please. You will find more information about my Second Visitation here.

Visiting the Holy Land
Visitors to the Holy Land will find some useful guidelines in A Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land: A Palestinian Initiative which can be accessed here.

Holy Week this week seems to have been the snowiest that many of us can recall, and the weather inevitably meant that I received a larger than usual number of apologies for the Chrism Eucharist. Nevertheless, there was an extremely good turnout, with growing numbers of laity, and I was delighted to have the support of so many who were able to make it last Thursday. For me, this service is so important for our collegiality, and I am pleased that it seems such a happy occasion as well. Thank you.

We also had a good array of candidates for the Easter Vigil on Saturday night (even if it did mean missing the first episode of the new series of Dr Who). Such events are a great sign of hope for me. I pray that you will be refreshed and renewed, both by your Easter celebration, and by the post-Easter break.

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