StAR – Our What’s on Guide

Every Thursday the Diocesan Office sends an electronic mailing to clergy and to others who have subscribed to this service.

Recent editions of the St Asaph Round-up can be downloaded here:

Dydd Iau, 22 Tachwedd  / Thursday 22 November 

Dydd lau 15 Tachwedd / Thursday 15 November

Dydd lau 8 Tachwedd / Thursday 8 Novemer

Dydd lau 1 Tachwedd / Thursday 1 November

Dydd lau 25 mis Hydref /Thursday 25 October

Dydd lau 18 mis Hydref / Thursday 18 October

Dydd lau 11 mis Hydref / Thursday 11 October

Dydd Iau 4 mis Hydref / Thursday 4 October

Dydd Iau 27 mis Medi / Thursday 27 September

Dydd Iau 20 mis Medi / Thursday 20 September

Dydd Iau 13 mis Medi / Thursday 13 September

Dydd Iau 6 mis Medi /  Thursday 6 September

Dydd Iau 30 mis Awst / Thursday 30 August

Dydd Iau 23 mis Awst / Thursday 23 August

Dydd Iau 16 mis Awst / Thursday 16 August

Dydd Iau 9 mis Awst / Thursday 9 August

Dydd Iau 2 mis Awst / Thursday 2 August

Dydd Iau 26 mis Gorffenaf / Thursday 26 July

Dydd Iau 19 mis Gorffenaf / Thursday 19 July

Dydd Iau 12 mis Gorffenaf / Thursday 12 July: Please click here for details:  StAR 12 July / 12 mis Gorffenaf

Dydd Iau 5 mis Gorffenaf / Thursday 5 July:  Please click here for details:  StAR 5 July / 5 mis Gorffenaf

Dydd Iau 28 mis Mehefin / Thursday 21 June: Please click here for details: StAR 28 June / 28 mis Mehefin

Dydd Iau 21 mis Mehefin / Thursday 21 June: Please click here for details: StAR 21.06.2018.

Dydd Iau 14 mis Mehefin / Thursday 14 June: Please click here for details: StAR 14.06.18

Dydd Iau 7 Mis Mehefin / Thursday 7 June:  Please click here for details: StAR 07.06.18

Dydd Iau 31 Mai / Thursday 31 May: Please click here for details: StAR 31.05.2018

Dydd Iau 24 Mai (pdf 173k)
Thursday 24 May

Godly Play training poster

Strawberry Fayre poster


Dydd Iau 17 Mai (pdf 170k)
Thursday 17 May

Celebration of Dementia Ministry poster

Dementia Friends Information sessions – Bala posters, English and Welsh
Tywyn posters, English and Welsh

St Asaph Cathedral Abseil sponsorship form

Crown Him Lord of all poster


Dydd Iau 10 Mai (pdf 153k)
Thursday 10 May

About Theology for Life

Dementia Information session


Dydd Iau 3 Mai (pdf 182k)
Thursday 3 May

Cytun Policy Bulletin May 2018

Cytun Bwletin Polisi Mai 2018


Dydd Iau 26 Ebrill (pdf 162k)
Thursday 26 April

Patronal Feast in St Asaph Cathedral

Taize Poster

Trust130 Step by step Poster

Alzheimer’s Society Article

Landfill sites

Aled MA Whit Walk details



Dydd Iau 19 Ebrill (PDF 108kb)
Thursday 19 April



Dydd Iau 12 Ebrill (pdf 124k)
Thursday 12 April

LLM Conference Letter Booking Form Cymraeg

LLM Conference info Booking Form English

Living and Learning leaflet

Coster Llanbedr


Dydd Iau 5 Ebrill (pdf 132k)
Thursday 5 April


Dydd Iau 29 Mawrth 2018 (pdf 132k)
Thursday 29 March 2018

Syria film poster


Dydd Iau 22 Mawrth 2018 (pdf 136k)
Thursday 22 March 2018


Dydd Iau 15 Mawrth 2018 (pdf 141k)
Thursday 15 March 2018






Dydd Iau 8 Mawrth 2018 (pdf 170k)
Thursday 8 March 2018

Dydd Iau 1 Mawrth 2018 (pdf 158k)
Thursday 1 March 2018


Dydd Iau 22 Chwefror 2018 (pdf 165k)
Thursday 22 February 2018


Dydd Iau 15 Chwefror 2018 (pdf 157k)
Thursday 15 February 2018



Dydd Iau 8 Chwefror 2018 (pdf 393k)
Thursday 8 February 2018

Dydd Iau 1 Chwefror 2018 (pdf 396k)
Thursday 1 February 2018

Dydd Iau 25 Ionawr 2018 (pdf 380k)
Thursday 25 January 2018

Dydd Iau 18 Ionawr 2018 (pdf 384k)
Thursday 18 January 2018

Dydd Iau 11 Ionawr 2018 (pdf 373k)
Thursday 11 January 2018

Dydd Iau 4 Ionawr 2018 (PDF 252kb)
Thursday 4 January 2018

Dydd Iau 21 Rhagfyr 2017 (pdf 359k)
Thursday 21 December 

Dydd Iau 14 Rhagfyr 2017 PDF (166kb)
Thursday 14 December

Dydd Iau 7 Rhagfyr 2017 PDF (163kb)
Thurssday 7 December

Dydd Iau 30 Tachwedd 2017 PDF (154kb)
Thursday 30 November

Dydd Iau 23 Tachwedd 2017 (pdf 259k)
Thursday 23 November

Dydd Iau 16 Tachwedd 2017 (263k)
Thursday 16 November

Dydd Iau 9 Tachwedd 2017 (443k)
Thursday 9 November 

Dydd Iau 2 Tachwedd 2017 (pdf 470k)
Thursday 2 November 

Dydd Iau 26 Hydref 2017 (pdf 286k)
Thursday 26 October

Dydd Iau 19 Hydref 2017 (PDF 323 kb)
Thursday 19 Octo

Dydd Iau 12 Hydref 2017 (PDF 334 kb)
Thursday 12 October

Dydd Iau 5ed Hydref 2017 (pdf 345k)
Thursday 5 October

Dydd Iau 28 Medi 2017 (pdf 345k)
Thursday 28 September 

Dydd Iau 21 Medi 2017 (PDF 260 kb)

Thursday 21 September 

Dydd Iau 14 Medi 2017 (PDF 264kb)

Thursday 14 September


  • Dydd Iau 7 Medi 2017 (PDF 194kb)
  • Thursday 7 September

Night Shelter Information poster
500th anniversary flier in English / Welsh
Manchester and Chester foundation

    • Dydd Iau 31ain Awst 2017 (pdf 270k)
      Thursday 31 August

Welsh Courses (pdf 1MB)


      • Dydd Iau 24ain Awst 2017 (pdf 46k)
        Thursday 24 August 

Diocesan Conference (pdf 276k)
Dr James Alison Flyer (pdf 169k)
Snowdon five challenge (pdf 534k)
Revised David Watkins poster (pdf 209k)


      • Dydd Iau 17fed Awst 2017 (pdf 265k)
        Thursday 17 August

Ensemble 1677 Concert poster (pdf 190k)
R S Thomas Poster (pdf 2.3MB) Ticket requirements (pdf 87k)
Holy Cross Poster (pdf 87k)
Time for Tea Poster English (pdf 201k) Welsh (pdf 216k)


      • Dydd Iau 10fed Awst 2017 (pdf 263k)
        Thursday 10 August 

Dementia Friends Poster (pdf 194k)
Youth Crew Afternoon tea poster (pdf 172k)


      • Dydd Iau 3ydd Awst 2017 (pdf 340k)
        Thursday 3 August

Berse Trust Application form English (225k), Welsh (229k)
Berse Trust information (28k)
David Watkins Poster (pdf 1.2MB)
Rhyl Summer Fayre poster (pdf 122k)

      • Dydd Iau 27ain Gorffenaf 2017 (pdf 279k)
        Thursday 27 July 

Sleeping beauty consent form (pdf 143k)
Sleeping beauty registration form (pdf 168k)
RSCM “Come and Sing Music for the Christmas Season” (pdf 95k)


      • Dydd Iau 20fed Gorffenaf 2017 (pdf 256k)
        Thursday 20 July 

Advertising in the Diocesan Directory (pdf 102k)
Celebrate Harvest with Self Help Africa – Letter (pdf 419k) Resources (pdf 700k)

      • Dydd Iau 13fed Gorffenaf 2017 (pdf 281k)
        Thursday 13 July 


      • Dydd Iau 6ed Gorffenaf 2017 (pdf 289k)
        Thursday 6 July 2017

Parish Church Organ Recital (pdf 380k)
Open Table poster – Holywell (pdf 206k), Llanrwst (pdf 147k)


      • Dydd Iau 29ain Mehefin 2017 (pdf 375k)
        Thursday 29 June

St Peter’s Lunch time concerts (pdf 137k)
St Peter’s, Ruthin Organ recitals (pdf 183k)
Wine tasting evening poster (pdf 329k)


      • Dydd Iau 22ain Mehefin 2017 (pdf 343k)
        Thursday 22 June

Choir Summer Concert poster (pdf 364k)
Strawberry Fayre poster (pdf 144k)


      • Dydd Iau 15fed Mehefin 2017 (pdf 340k)
        Thursday 15 June

“Opera through the ages” concert poster (pdf 1.1MB)
NWIMF launch poster
Acorn Workshops and Breakfast information (pdf 251k)
SWT Sponsorship appeal (pdf 215k)
About Exploring Faith )pdf 110k)


      • Dydd Iau 8fed Mehefin 2017 (pdf 273k)
        Thursday 8 June 

Refugee Week Resource (pdf 282k)
Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day poster (pdf 154k)
Open table posters – Llanrwst (pdf 148k), Holywell (pdf 207k)
Cathedral Annual Charity Event application forms- English (pdf 155k),  Cymraeg (pdf 100k)
Sealand Exhibition poster (pdf 365k)
St George Open Garden poster (pdf 986k)


      • Dydd Iau 1af Mehefin 2017 (pdf 375k)
        Thursday 1 June

Songs of Praise invitation letter (pdf 356k) and poster
TCC Fundraising week events poster (pdf 166k)


New Amnesty Event poster – English (pdf 471k), Cymraeg (pdf 558k)
Llanasa Flower Festival poster (pdf 99k)


      • Dydd Iau 18fed Mai 2017 (43k)
        Thursday 18 May

D3 event poster (pdf 301K)
More than Honey (pdf 1.1MB)
Valle Crucis commissiong service poser (pdf 235k)

      • Dydd Iau 11fed Mai 2017 (41k)
        Thursday 11 May

D.A.W Guide (pdf 1.6MB)
Supporting places of worship in Wales Survey – English (pdf 187k), Cymraeg (pdf 188k)
Whit Walk invitation (pdf 743k)
Duck races poster (40k)


      • Dydd Iau 4ydd Mai 2017 (38k)
        Thursday 4 May 

Amnesty Cathedral Event poster – English (pdf 472k), Welsh (pdf 559k)
Ask the leader debate audience form (15k)
Open table poster Llanrwst (pdf 147k), Holywell (pdf 207)
St Giles Organ recital poster (1.1MB)
Wine tasting poster (32k)


      • Dydd Iau 27ain Ebrill 2017 (36k)
        Thursday 27 April 

Mental Wellbeing and Spirituality Symposium Flyer (27k), Synopsis (27k)
Referral form (49k)
Cherishing Churchyards Chirk poster (pdf 4.4MB)
Illustrated talks poster (pdf 237k)
Maypole event poster (pdf 2.1MB)
Writers circle poster (pdf 171K)


      • Dydd Iau 20fed Ebrill 2017 (32kb)
        Thursday 20th AprilFull English Poster

 St Asaph Services and Events May 2017 (pdf 269)

      • Dydd Iau 13fed Ebrill 2017 (42kb)
        Thursday 13th April

St Paul Craig y don Fashion show (pdf 383k)
Mold Flower Festival (184k)

          • Dydd Iau 6ed Ebrill 2017 (37k)
            Thursday 6th April 

Dr Rowan Williams lecture poster.  English (pdf 276k) Cymraeg (pdf 282k)
Job advert – TCC Youth and Community Organiser maternity cover (pdf 291k)
Christian Aid reflections and prayers (29k)


          • Dydd Iau 30ain Mawrth 2017 (37k)
            Thursday 30 March

Christian Aid Week article (30k)
“Cherishing Churchyards” Chirk poster (pdf 4.4MB)


          • Dydd Iau 23ain Mawrth 2017 (36k)
            Thursday 23 March 

“Shared Ministry Network Conference” leaftlet (pdf 818k)
“Shared Ministry Network Conference” booking form (59k)
Easter craft day poster (102k)
RSCM Choral Festival information (49k)


          • Dydd Iau 16fed Mawrth 2017 (36k)
            Thursday 16 March 

Prom Praise (pdf 459k)
Prom Praise booking form (pdf 489k)


          • Dydd Iau 2ail Mawrth 2017 (35k)
            Thursday 2 March 

Open table posters  – Holywell (pdf 269k), Llanrwst (pdf 160k) and Wrexham (pdf 262k)
Fibro Flare information (pdf 625k)
EAPPI Job Advert – Programme Co-ordinator (34k)
EAPPI Advert (pdf 117k)


          • Dydd Iau 23ain Chwefror 2017 (39k)
            Thursday 16 February 

MAE Cymru Spring Conference flyer English (pdf 250k); Welsh (238k) and Booking form (pdf 102k)

RSCM “Come and try the organ” poster (pdf 122k)
5 Mark of love poster (pdf 246k)


          • Dydd Iau 16fed Chwefror 2017 (36k)
            Thursday 16 February 2017

High priority items for Calais (28k)
Developing Dementia Friendly Churches flyer (pdf 2.3MB)


          • Dydd Iau 9 Chwefror 2017 (29k)
            Thursday 9 February 2017

Layclerks recruitment Information February 2017

          • Dydd Iau 3ydd Chwefror 2017 (35k)
            Thursday 3 February 2017 

Active Citizenship Training poster (pdf 1.2MB)
Update on Calais by Aidan Coleman (24k)
High priority items needed for Calais (28k)
D3 Poster (pdf 269K)
Evangelising Wales poster (pdf 1.2MB)
Sparks of Light poster (pdf 399k)
Llandudno-Keswick Bible Week poster (pdf 572k)

          • Dydd Iau 26ain Ionawr 2017 (33k)
            Thursday 26 January 2017 

CVM Roadshow (pdf 783k)

          • Dydd Iau 19fed Ionawr 2017 (34k)
            Thursday 19 January 2017

LGBTQIA+ Chaplaincy flyer (pdf 303k)
Open table poster – Holywell (pdf 276k)
Open table poster – Llanrwst (pdf 274k)
Open table poster – Wrexham (pdf 275k)
Commission on the role of women research (295k)
Alyn Mission Area Administrator Advert (pdf 36k)
Storiau o’r Galon poster (pdf 803k)


          • Dydd Iau 12fed Ionawr 2017 (53k)
            Thursday 12 January 2017

“Stories from the Crypt” (pdf 185k)
Gala Dinner poster (pdf 210k)


          • Dydd Iau 5ed Ionawr 2017 (31k)
            Thursday 5 January 2017
          • Dydd Iau 22ain Rhagfyr 2016 (55k)
            Thursday 22nd December


          • Dydd Iau 15ain Rhagfyr 2016 (58k)
            Thursday 15th December 2016

LGBT Chaplaincy Flyer (pdf 329k)
Open Table Holywell poster (pdf 232k)
Open Table Llanrwst poster (pdf 230k)
Open Table Wrexham poster (pdf 231k)


          • Dydd Iau 8fed Rhagfyr 2016 (31k)
            Thursday 8th December 2016

Letter from the Alzheimer’s Society (254k)

          • Dydd Iau 1af Rhagfyr 2016 (81k)
            Thursday 1st December 2016

Dementia Friends sessions poster (200k)
Call for papers poster (pdf 1.6MB)

          • Dydd Iau 24ain Tachwedd 2016 (89k)
            Thurdsday 24 November 2016 

Advent Workshop poster (pdf 259k)


          • Dydd Iau 17fed Tachwedd 2016 (78k)
            Thursday 17 November 2016 

Diocese of St Asaph Commission of the role of women (17k)


          • Dydd Iau 10fed Tachwedd 2016 (45k)
            Thursday 10 November 2016

Enneagram information (13k)
Enneagram poster (50k)
Ladies Fashion show (pdf 273k)
Road Peace poster (pdf 391k)


          • Dydd Iau 3ydd Tachwedd 2016 (44k)
            Thursday 3 November 2016 

Christian Aid Bilingual Christmas Letter (630k)
“Green Steps” English (128k) and Cymraeg (93k)
Parish Buying Green Services (pdf 939k)
MAE Cymru Flyer English (pdf 374k) and Cymraeg (pdf 378k)
MAE Cymru Agenda (pdf 177k)
BRF Bible readings for older people (131k)
“Pack up your troubles” Coffee morning (JPEG 1.1MB)
Prestatyn Christmas Tree Festival posters

Christmas Tree Festival Prestatyn poster 1 Christmas Tree Festival Prestatyn poster 2









          • Dydd Iau 27ain Hydref 2016 (46k)
            Thursday 27 October 2016

Rent Smart Wales FAQ’s (22k)
Dementia Meet up flyer (pdf 1MB)
Light Party poster (pdf 4.3MB)
St Cynbryd’s Community Park (pdf 85k)

          • Dydd Iau 20fed Hydref 2016 (47k)
            Thursday 20 October 2016

ACAT Newsletter (pdf 305k)
Borderlands Job Advert (37k)

          • Dydd Iau 13 Hydref 2016 (39kb)
            Thursday 13 October 2016

Bite sized covers
National Minimum Wage increases

            • Dydd Iau 6 Hydref 2016 (39kb)
            • Thursday 6 October 2016

Fruits of the vine poster
Cathedral Choir Association 39th Anniversary Concert Poster
See for details on the finance Assistant vacancy.


              • Dydd Iau 29ain Medi 2016 (46k)
                Thursday 29 September 2016

Dementia Friendly Wrexham Event poster (pdf 415k English and Welsh)
Fleeing from oneself invitation (pdf 1.2MB English and Welsh)
“October Song” poster (pdf 477k) and information (pdf 181k)
Apple Fayre poster (pdf 68k)
Harvest and Quilt exhibition poster (1.7MB)


              • Dydd Iau 22ain Medi 2016 (77k)
                Thursday 22 September 2016 

Sarum College Courses (pdf 2MB)
Flower arranging poster (pdf 411k)


              • Dydd Iau 1ain Medi 2016 (89k)
                Thursday 1 September 2016

NWAMI’s Inter-culture poster
Iona pilgrimage letter (pdf 360k)
St Tecla’s Celebration Service poster(pdf 110k)




              • Dydd Iau 25ain Awst 2016 (89k)
                Thursday 25 August 2016 

Keeping People Safe Training – Information for attendees (54k) Booking Form (58k)
Mental Health First Aid poster (134k)
Michaelmas Fayre poster (23k)


              • Dydd Iau 18fed Awst 2016 (81k)
                Thursday 18 August 2016

LGBTQIA Chaplaincy Launch Poster (115k)
Redemption songs poster (pdf 700k)


              • Dydd Iau 11fed Awst 2016 (78k)
                Thursday 11 August 2016 

Fairtrade products pre-order form (214k)
Supporting Syrian refugees in Conwy (pdf 23k)


              • Dydd Iau 4ydd Awst 2016 (76k)
                Thursday 4 August 2016 

Come and Sing new music for the church year poster (42k)


              • Dydd Iau 28 Gorffenaf 2016 (75k)
                Thursday 28 July 2016

Security Advice (16k)
Hope and a Future Trainers information (59k)


              • Dydd Iau 21ain Gorffenaf 2016 (75k)
                Thursday 21 July 2016

Statement on the Status of EU nationals currently resident in the UK (pdf 182k)
Feast Day of William Morgan poster (pdf 164k)


              • Dydd Iau 14ain Gorffenaf 2016 (136k)
                Thursday 14 July 2016
              • Dydd Iau 7fed Gorffenaf 2016 (74k)
                Thursday 7 July 2016

Practical befriending -English (30k), Welsh (29k)
Treuddyn Flower Fest (pdf 234k)


              • Dydd Iau 30ain Mehefin 2016 (79k)
                Thursday 30 June 2016

Ruthin Organ Recitals poster (pdf 164k)
Stranger in a Strange land poster (pdf 836k)


              • Dydd Iau 23ain Mehefin 2016 (86k)
                Thursday 23 June 2016 

Sparkle flyer

Sparkle flyer

Art Exhibition flyer

(JPEG 1.2MB)

“Berries and Bubbly” poster (1.4MB)

Cathedral Chorister day –(English pdf 317k), (Welsh pdf 317k)


              • Dydd Iau 16fed Mehefin 2016 (80k)
                Thursday 16 June 2016

About Exploring Faith (pdf 101k)
Cinnamon Leaderships Training Poster (pdf 296k)


              • Dydd Iau 9fed Mehefin 2016 (93k)
                Thursday 9 June 2016

Patagonia poster (pdf 209k)
Somme Vigil poster (pdf 63k)
Wings over Sealand (pdf 431k)

              • Dydd Iau 2ail Mehefin 2016 (85k)
                Thursday 2 June 2016

Murder at Trevor Hall poster (pdf 258k)
Charity Night poster (106k)
St Mary’s, Welshpool Church Open Day  church open day



              • Dydd Iau 26ain Mai 2016
                Thursday 26 May 2016 (114k)

NWIMF Launch Poster (pdf 2MB
“For your convenience poster” (pdf 130k)
About Exploring Faith (pdf 100k)


              • Dydd Iau 19 Mai 2016 (117k)
                Thursday 19 May 2016

Retired Clergy Invitation (203k)
St George Church Festival of Flowers poster (25k)
Somme Concert poster (40k)
Talk by SokReaksa Himm poster (pdf 526k)


              • Dydd Iau 12 Mai 2016 (114k)    (JPEG 604k)
                Thursday 12 May 2016     

Chain of Hope poster

              • Dydd Iau 5 Mai 2016 (110k)
                Thursday 5 May 2016

MAE Cymru Spring Conference Flyer (pdf 326k) and booking form (pdf 96k)
Invitation to an evening with the Archbishop of Wales (108k) and booking form (52k)
Life NoW poster (pdf 464k)
Ruthin Comedy Night (pdf 618k)
Poetry of RS Thomas poster (221k)


              • Dydd Iau 28 Ebrill 2016 (121k)
                Thursday 28 April 2016

Shelter “Home Sweet Home” flyer (pdf 369k)

              • Dydd Iau 21ain Ebrill 2016 (114k)
                Thursday 21 April 2016

“Assiette de Dessert” poster (394k)
Ascension Day poster (pdf 183k)
Feast of St Asaph poster (pdf 155k)
“With Saintly Shout and Solemn Jubilee” poster (46k)


              • Dydd Iau 14fed Ebrill 2016 (110k)
                Thursday 14 April 2016


              • Dydd Iau 7fed Ebrill 2016 (112k)
                Thursday 7 April 2016

Women in Revival – flyer (pdf 455k)
Living Scripture – Alyn Deanery (pdf 85k)
Dinner Cruise poster (pdf 355k)
Pilgrims Way poster (677k)
Contemplation poster (pdf 579k)
ABC Northumberland (pdf 477k)
Afternoon Celebration in Music (pdf 1.5MB)


              • Dydd Iau 31 Mawrth 2016 (100k)wee bag band poster
                Thursday 31 March 2016

Poster for the The Wee Bag Band & Hot Pot supper
Chaplaincy at Bardrsey Island leaflet (pdf 149k)

              • Dydd Iau 24ain Mawrth 2016 (102k)
                Thursday 24 March 2016

“With Saintly shout and Solemn Jubilee” poster (pdf 144k)
St Asaph Cathedral Organ Recital poster (pdf 199k)
“Just One World” poster (pdf 108k)


              • Dydd Iau 17fed Mawrth 2016 (103k)
                Thursday 17 March 2016 

Most urgently needed items (24k)
Capel Waengoleugoed (29k)
“That you may have life” poster (324k)
“Making Wales a more welcoming and prosperous nation” flyer (pdf 1.6MB)
Living out of the Voice of God (pdf 190k)


              • Dydd Iau 10fed Mawrth 2016 (102k)
                Thursday 10 March 2016

Service of Reconciliation and Healing poser (pdf 48k)
Palm Sunday poster (pdf 214k)
Reflections of Easter poster (pdf 175k)
Mary Jones Bible Poster, English (pdf 250k), Welsh (pdf 259k)


              • Dydd Iau 3ydd Mawrth 2016 (96k)
                Thursday 3 March 2016 

“Father forgive” poster (42k)
Documentary flyer (64k)


              • Dydd Iau 25ain Chwefror 2016 (99k)
                Thursday 25 February 2016 

Mold and District Choral Society concert “The Crucifixion” poster (pdf 188k)


              • Dydd Iau 18fed Chwefror 2016 (100k)
                Thursday 18 February 2016

Celebrate Fair Trade 2016 (English 37k) (Welsh 46k)
ABC Northumberland Pilgrimage (778k)


              • Dydd Iau 11fed Chwefror 2016 (119k)
                Thursday 11 February 2016

Iris Prize (pdf 638k)
Public Issues Newsletter (47k)
Flames Rekindled (pdf 182k)
Ailgynnau’r Fflamau (pdf 185k)


              • Dydd Iau 4ydd Chwefror 2016 (113k)
                Thursday 4 February 2016 

Wrexham School Admissions Panel Information (English 213k) (Welsh 221k)
Mosque open day poster (pdf 363k)
Refugees Welcome in Wales (pdf 240k)
RSCM “Come and Try the Organ” (pdf 501k)
Spirituality Matters (pdf 789k)


              • Dydd Iau 28ain Ionawr 2016 (99k)
                Thursday 28 January 2016 

Team Leader advert (58k)
Three Mountains flyer (pdf 209k)


              • Dydd Iau 21ain Ionawr 2016 (100k)
                Thursday 21 January 2016 

The Silver Line leaflet (pdf 2.2MB)
The Silver Line letter (66k)
Stainer’s The Crucifixion poster (241k)


              • Dydd Iau 14fed Ionawr 2016 (104k)
                Thursday 14 January 2016

Planning a Hustings Meeting 2016 – English (pdf 613k), Cymraeg (pdf 534k)
SPARK winter newsletter (pdf 1.7MB)
Wales Flood recovery fund (651k)
Teaching Christ to Children? (pdf 165k)
Wales World flyer (pdf 336k)
Volunteer training Caia Park (14k)
St Asaph Mission Area Quiz poster (80k)


              • Dydd Iau 7fed Ionawr 2016 (90k)
                Thursday 7 January 2016 

“Hope in Dementia” (58k)
“Living Water” Reflective Weekend (45k)