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Sealand Church seeks former wedding couples

A Church in Sealand is seeking all the 164 couples who have got married in the church over the last 50 years. It’s part of celebrations to mark 150 years of St Bartholomew’s Church on Old Sealand Road.

The couples are being invited to a special service on Mothering Sunday, on 26 March. There will be refreshments and a special exhibition showing weddings over the last 150 years and how they were celebrated and marked.

One of the organisers of the weddings exhibition at St Bartholomew’s, Stephen Smith, said: “Many of the couples will be in other parts of the country and world, and their circumstances may have changed, but we would welcome all who attended marriage services in the church. Our biggest task is contacting as many of them as we can.

“Sealand has changed dramatically over the years, but St Bartholomew’s has been there as a beacon of hope for all its community during the significant times in their lives. We have big plans for this to continue in the future and want to involve as many people as possible in the journey.”

St. Bartholomew’s Church first opened its doors on 15 October 1867. Today the congregation maybe small but they run a comprehensive programme of events that are designed to appeal to people of all ages.  A grant from Cadwyn Clwyd allowed new lighting to be installed and the congregation is now working towards upgrading the heating and building kitchen and toilets facilities – a great improvement from the current situation of a single standpipe.

The 150th anniversary of St Bartholomew’s will be marked with events throughout 2017 and includes the special weekend exhibition and service for Mothering Sunday on the weekend of March 25/26.  To find out more and especially if you have photographs and memories of your wedding, please contact either Jennifer Watson on cj.wat@talktalk.net or Stephen Smith on smithstephen30@gmail.com

The church’s website is www.wtbartholomewsealand.org.uk  or www.facebook.com/pages/St-Bartholomews-Church-Sealand/44366730260433