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Live Sunday Services from Llandudno on the web

A church in Llandudno is thought to be the first in Wales to broadcast its Sunday services live on the internet.

St Paul’s in Craig-y-Don now streams its 9.45am sung communion services on the social media site Facebook, and has managed to attract an audience from around the world, as well as people closer to home.

The Director of Music at St Paul’s Church, Deborah Haigh-Roberts, said: “The first time we went live, we thought that no-one would be watching.

“But the broadcast attracted an audience of over 600 people, either live or later on in the day, which is considerably more than would fit in the church!”

“We’ve had an amazing response, including comments from one person who was on the other side of the world in Burma.

“Others are watching closer to home, and have praised the quality of the choir singing, as well as sharing memories of when they or members of their family once sang in a church choir.

The live broadcasts started out as an experiment by some volunteers at the church who run a page on Facebook.

The Revd Noel Carter, Rector of St Paul’s, said: “We noticed that it was possible to broadcast live, using technology as simple as someone’s mobile phone!  So we thought we’d give it a go.

“St Paul’s is one of the few churches left in North Wales with a traditional four part church choir, so the style of service lends itself to being broadcast live on the internet.

“The technology has lots of potential.  Some older members of the congregation, who can’t get to church easily, could watch it at home.  Or people who haven’t been able to get to church can catch up on the service at another time.”

Noel Carter added: “The choir have also joked that I need to spend extra time preparing my sermons, as you never know who might be watching!”

You can watch the service at facebook.com/choirofstpauls.