Year of Pilgrimage Study Course

Pilgrimage Course Front PageOur Year of Pilgrimage study course which was launched in 2013 to coincide with the celebrations has now been revised ready for use in Lent this year.

Edited by Revd Manon Ceridwen James it looks at some of the places of pilgrimage around the Diocese before using Bible study and reflection to help Churches to think about their story and how to effectively plan for the future.

The course lasts for six-weeks and includes a number of stories from around the Diocese, both historic and current.  For example one study looks at the pilgrimage Mary Jones took to buy a bible in Bala while another reflection comes from a member of the Diocesan family who walked the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way.

Manon is encouraging parishes to consider using it in the run up to Easter as it helps us to focus on the journey our churches have been on and how they can flourish.

She said:

“Very often when we think about the past we can feel depressed and compare how ‘successful’ our churches seemed to be then compared to now.  However this course uses what’s called ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ so negative thinking is not allowed!

“We can learn from our past, and what worked then, in order to be effective in our mission and ministry now.  The course helps churches appreciate their history and think about ways of sharing their faith in their communities.”

This course has been designed with the Diocese in mind and can also be used as a gentle way of reviewing parish life as we start thinking about 20:20 Vision.

Download the course here or contact the Diocesan Office on 01745 582245 for a hard copy.