Stickers and Stamps

We’re encouraging every Church or Holy Site in the Diocese to have their very own rubber-stamp made to allow each pilgrim to personalise their Pilgrim’s Passports which will be ready in time for St Asaph’s Day 2013.

The idea is that every site has a unique stamp and it only costs around £25 to have a custom-made stamp designed for your church or site.

Archdeacon Shirley has had a stamp produced for St Tecla’s Church and Well. She purchased it from Speedy Stamps but there are plenty of sites allowing you to design your own stamp. The Custom Stamps website gives you the option to design your own stamp online and order it directly and there are plenty of others available.

If you wish to make the Diocesan Year of Pilgrimage Logo a part of your stamp (as Archdeacon Shirley has done above), you can download the artwork here.

We would request that stamps are no more than 5cm (2inches) in diameter. This will allow as many stamps as possible to be marked on a passport.

Once you have had a stamp produced please let us know so that we can promote the fact that pilgrims who visit your site can stamp their passports!

If you can’t sort out a stamp, why not make stickers available at your Church or Holy Site which pilgrims can add to their Passport?

Avery Labels produce a sheet of 24 stamps on an A4 page and you can design a sticker on their website. Click here to start designing your sticker. Simply add the product number E3613 and you can start the process.