Running the Mary Jones walk

Most of the events taking place around our Year of Pilgrimage concern covering ground to get from one place to another. The Bible Beacon Challenge is no different – except that those taking part will be running.

Participants will run from Llanfihangel to Bala – the route 15-year-old Mary Jones took in 1800 as she walked 28 miles with 3 years worth of savings to get hold of a Bible in Welsh.

It’s called the Bible Beacon Challenge and was first run in 2012. It will take place again this year on Saturday 20 July. The runners will carry three Bibles with them, one in Welsh, one in English and one on a mobile phone to show that there are many ways to engage with scripture and many languages to read it in.

Organisers say they are running the route because that’s exactly what Mary Jones did as she made her way home with the three Bibles Revd Thomas Charles had handed to her in Bala.

If you are interested in being a part of it, please get in touch with John Griffiths from the Bible Society who is organising the event.

You can download more information and contact details here.