Pilgrimage News and Reports

What are you planning for the Year of Pilgrimage?

We’re keen to know what you are up to during the celebrations for our Year of Pilgrimage.  Here you will see reports on things that have already happened and be able to view plans for other pilgrimages that are coming up ahead of St Asaph’s Day 2014.

A Pilgrimage in your Church

Some Christians find labyrinths helpful to their spiritual life. Could you use one in your Church for the Year of Pilgrimage?

Deanery Pilgrim’s Trail Launched

A church from each of the 14 Deaneries in the Diocese of St Asaph has been designated a “Pilgrimage Church” for a special Deanery Trail.

Liverpool Pilgrimage

Pilgrims from the Dee Valley Deanery will take a trip to the Anglican and Catholic Cathedrals in Liverpool on Saturday 26 October.

Pererindod Arbennig

Three Welsh speaking Church schools got together for a day of pilgrimage themed events…