O Dduw ein Tad – Our Father God

Originally commissioned by the Diocese of Bangor, this book of hymns has been compiled especially for use by primary schools in Wales.

It contains 61 entirely new and original songs, nearly all of which are presented bilingually. With titles like “From my knees to my nose”, “Weithiau dwi’n gwybod (Sometimes I’m naughty)” and “Efallai rwyt ti ar dy feic (You might be on your bicycle)”, they are sure to appeal to pupils of all ages.

The songbook contains all 61 songs, fully scored for piano and voice with guitar chords thrown in for good measure. There are also little page-fillers with ideas for creative prayer and worship, and a thematic index to help choose appropriate songs for different seasons and themes.

The book comes with two CDs containing backing tracks for every song, and a CD containing a Powerpoint® presentation with all the lyrics. The authors have given permission for photocopying and playback for use in school (but please seek permission for broadcast or recording). They are also willing to come to schools to showcase the hymnbook – contact details are included in the book.


The whole pack of songbook plus the three CDs is on offer for £10. Copies are available at the Diocesan Office. Please make any cheques payable to “Bangor Diocesan Trust Schools”. They can be delivered to schools by the Schools Team when visiting, or they can be posted out (but that will cost £5 extra). If you are interested, please email the education team.