Against the Stream

Twenty five of our schools attended the Cathedral to celebrate the culmination of our Diocesan Year of Pilgrimage. The day was planned to explore different aspects of pilgrim spirituality – starting with a hike up the hill. Workshops included a trip back in time to meet St Asaph himself and hear about his life, an introduction to the Labyrinth as an aid to prayer and reflection, a celebration of the Emmaus encounter through drama, and a new pilgrim song. There was also a bit of maths – well, it was still a school day after all!

The day concluded with a joyful worship, led by Bishop Gregory, who exhorted us all to live as Christians, on a journey homewards towards the promised Kingdom, often going “against the stream” of worldly pressures and values, but following the trail blazed for us by Jesus and his disciples.

The resources from the workshops are freely available here:

finger labyrinths (print 2-sided, then cut out and laminate)

Mathemagics story ENGLISH                      Mathemagics questions ENGLISH

Mathemagics story WELSH                         Mathemagics questions WELSH

story cube ENGLISH                                   friends on our journey ENGLISH

story cube WELSH                                      friends on our journey WELSH

event passport

service booklet – bilingual