Nurturing Steering Group


In all our work to reflect God’s purpose, nurturing the faith development and spirituality of children, young people and adults.  Providing and developing a stimulating programme of training opportunities to support involvement in the life of the church.   


The Nurturing Steering Group works in partnership with the following:

  • Developing and Engaging Steering Groups
  • Diocesan Bishop and Senior Staff
  • Standing Committee
  • Diocesan Board of Statutory Education
  • Diocesan Training Forum
  • Youth Forum
  • Diocesan Board of Finance
  • Provincial Safeguarding Committee
  • CWACE (Church in Wales Advisory Council for Education) and Provincial DDEs (Directors of Education)
  • St Giles’ Centre
  • National Society

Key Objectives

  • to envision the work of the schools team, under 21’s and educational chaplaincy provision
  • to determine priorities for resource allocation
  • to debate the wider issues concerning the development of all children, young people and adults regionally and nationally
  • to assist the development of effective communication links with other relevant providers

Nurturing Steering Group charter