Lunyanwi Parish

Lunyanwi has been one of the success stories in out link with the Diocese of SW Tanganyika. The hard working priest, Fr. Mathiya, has a sign in the simple vicarage which reads “God bless the work of my hands” and his is certainly a very hands-on ministry.

chickensIn 2013, at a moving service, Roz Harrison had been invited to distribute 12 chickens to families who had been widowed or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  In 2015, we were once again invited to a full Sung Eucharist at 7.00am on a Friday morning and, with echoes of Luke 19, widows came forward to say, for instance, “You gave me one chicken and now I have twelve.”

veg gardenWe were given a full tour of the village where we inspected many chickens.  We were impressed by the villager who had studied a variety of plants which he now grew in raised beds and organised classes to teach others. Plans were in hand for a two classroom sewing project.  Everyone in the village seemed engaged.

full church at 7amcattle waste is used to make biogasThe PCC chair made a painstaking job of translating a letter from Jonathan Abbatt on behalf of the Parish of Llangollen and we finished our visit at the vicarage where a sumptuous breakfast was provided by the ladies of the parish with very minimal facilities.  Lots of eggs of course!

breakfastlots of eggs