What is spiritual direction?

A specific time to listen to you

Spiritual Direction is a time-honoured term for the conversation, ordinarily between two people, when one person consults another who is a more spiritually experienced person about the ways God may be touching his or her life.

Spiritual Direction is the opportunity for accompanied reflection (to reflect with a trained spiritual director) about your life, its events, relationships with God and others. A director should be able to help you to notice God’s movement in prayer and in the events and circumstances of your life.

Some people prefer to speak of this ministry as “spiritual companionship” or as being a “soul friend” as this emphasises that direction is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

A specific time to listen to God with you

Spiritual Direction presumes that God communicates through the ordinary human experience where God’s invitations, urgings and confirmations may be found.

A Spiritual Director is a companion on your life’s journey and can be helpful in asking reflective questions and pointing out useful resources. They can assist with roadblocks or resistance and help you to deepen your relationship with God and how this is lived out.

A specific time to explore your spiritual growth

Spiritual Direction is not counselling, it is not therapy and it is not financial advice.

It is offered on a one-to-one basis and while it may be appropriate at times to discuss personal and relational struggles these will be addressed in the context of spiritual direction.


When do you need a Spiritual Director?

A Spiritual Director can be especially helpful in the following circumstances:

• when your search for God seems to have come to a crossroads
• if you want to explore different method of prayer
• if your prayer life is going through a difficulty
• when you need some help in discerning the call of the Holy Spirit
• if you need some companionship on your spiritual journey, someone to walk alongside you, to be a listening ear.

Spiritual Direction is useful and available to all Christians and represents a wide variety of ages, denominations and traditions. How often you meet can be discussed with your director according to your individual needs. The most important thing is to find a Spiritual Director with whom you are comfortable. So if you would like to find a Spiritual Director or have any further questions do not hesitate to contact the College through John Foxlee at johnfoxlee@outlook.com