Spirituality is about how we relate to God. The Spirituality and Healing team helps individuals and groups to deepen their spiritual lives. It organises retreats and quiet days. The team is promoting Welsh Spirituality, and organises an annual lecture on the subject for English speakers.

The ministry of healing

The ministry of healing, sometimes including anointing and laying on of hands, is for those who are seeking wholeness in body, mind and spirit. It is offered by many churches, both informally and in special healing services.

The Spirituality and Healing team have produced guidelines and model services for the Ministry of Healing.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is about helping people on their journey towards God.

It is not about telling people how to do it, but about walking alongside, and being a companion. It is not difficult or uncomfortable, but helpful and enriching.

The College of Spiritual Direction will help you find a person who will help you grow in your spiritual life.

The College will be starting to train more directors soon.

To find a spiritual director, contact John Foxlee: johnfoxlee@outlook.com