Living and Learning

Living and Learning

Living and Learning is designed for Christians who want to come together in small facilitated local learning groups to explore their faith and deepen their life of prayer and service. It is designed to support mission and ministry areas in the Church in Wales, as they want to bring people together to journey with Christ as his disciples, find new ways to serve him and think about the future life and mission of our church.

This rapidly expanding, bi-lingual resource consists of materials specifically written for the Church in Wales on a range of theological, scriptural and practical topics, including courses which can be used in training for commissioned ministries and other lay activities in the church and community.

The modules can be delivered within any Church setting. For each of the sessions information and ideas is presented, which is then explored through group discussion and projects. There is no set number of people in a group, all you need is someone to take the lead in asking the discussion questions. There is no order for the modules and they cover many of the areas that the Church faces in its ministry and mission today. Working in small groups is an invaluable way to learn more and come together to make a difference in your Church and community.

To order books please visit the St Padarns website and complete the order form or contact St Padarns via email

Each book costs £10 (including p&p).

Further information is available on St Padarns website.

What next?

Following the course, some may wish to explore training as a Pastoral Assistant or Worship Leader. Find out more about the training available in the Living and Learning series here.

Exploring Faith

This is a course run in small groups across the Diocese. It is open to anyone who wishes to take part in serious study and reflection on the Christian Faith and discover how academic theology can be of value to our daily life and faith.

It can lead to a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Theology. It is also the training course for new Readers, deacons and NSM priests and is open to anyone thinking of exploring a calling to one of these ministries.

For more information about Living and Learning or Exploring Faith please contact Revd
Dr Richard Hainsworth on 01352 840842.