Living and Learning

Living and LearningWhat is God calling me to be and to do? How is God calling us to change and grow as a Church? We would like to empower our congregation and enable them to share in the church’s ministry, but how do we go about this? How can we work together more as a Mission Area?

If these are the questions you are asking, these courses may be able to help.

The Learning Church programme offers two courses: ‘Living and Learning’ and ‘Exploring Faith’. Both are designed to be used by groups from local churches, deaneries and mission areas to enable them to explore together what they believe, grow in discipleship and begin to form ministry teams.

The Living and Learning series is a growing collection of six-week discipleship, reflection and training courses, which can be used flexibly and informally by local groups. The course has three core modules designed to help groups consider what God is calling each of them and their Churches to be and to do and to learn to reflect on their life and faith together.

They are aimed at ‘everyday church members’, the modules do not involve any heavy reading and there are no assignments. These core modules are:

1.  A Church for the Future

This module explores what it means to belong to the Church in Wales at a time of change and development and asks questions about our future mission. It allows participants to explore the story of their own faith, the meaning of discipleship, the story of the Church where they are and to begin to reflect on how that story might develop in the future as the world and church change.

You can download this section of the course here: A Church for the Future

2.  Living Scripture

This module explores how God is revealed through the scriptures and examines ways in which God’s Word can speak most effectively to us and our church today. It is designed to introduce students to the benefits of studying theology in an accessible way and its relevance to their faith.

You can download this section of the course here: Living Scripture

3.  Called by God

This module explores what it means to be called by God and asks the question: “What is God calling us as a church, and me as an individual, to be and do in the future?”  It introduces students to the range of ways in which it is possible to serve God as a disciple in the world and as a minister in the church.  Additional modules then equip those who want training for accredited ministries such as Pastoral Assistant and Worship Leader.

You can download this section of the course here: Called by God

All modules are bilingual.

What next?

Following the course, some may wish to explore training as a Pastoral Assistant or Worship Leader. Find out more about the training available in the Living and Learning series here.

Exploring Faith

This is a course run through Glwydwr University and in small groups across the Diocese. It is open to anyone who wishes to take part in serious study and reflection on the Christian Faith and discover how academic theology can be of value to our daily life and faith.

It can lead to a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Theology. It is also the training course for new Readers, deacons and NSM priests and is open to anyone thinking of exploring a calling to one of these ministries.

For more information about Living and Learning or Exploring Faith please contact Revd
Dr Richard Hainsworth on 01352 840842.