Reader Review Process

The Reader Review is designed to support Readers and give them a pattern for development in their role with the Diocese of St Asaph.

It includes opportunities for personal reflection and is designed not to be a box ticking exercise but to build up Readers in their ministry.

Bishop Gregory has offered the following reflection as a preface to the Reader Review process:

In Acts 6, the apostles solve certain problems facing the primitive Church by appointing assistants to serve at tables and look after the distribution of charity.  In Acts 7 and 8, God is using those ministers in new, exciting but extremely challenging ways unthought-of by the apostles.  So does ministry grow, and so does God lead us into new and sacrificial spheres of operation.  Traditionally, the Church has understood these passages to relate to the office and ministry of deacon, but the message could equally be applied to the office and ministry of Readers.

By virtue of your office, Readers are called to reflect to the Church the vocation of all members to be students of the Scriptures.  You are called to be disciples for whom and through whom the Scriptures are a daily inspiration, to learn and to expound by word and action.  Yet, you are called to so much more by way of ministry, and by way of service to God and His Church.

However, all ministry must also be accountable, and the sheer range of ministry now undertaken by Readers means that it is more appropriate than ever that the Church offers support for Reader ministry by helping each and every Reader to reflect upon, to think critically about, and to evaluate the scope, thrust and achievements of their ministry.

I am delighted to commend the Review Process as it is set out in this volume.   Brian Churchill, Steve Green as Warden of Readers, and the Readers Board have worked hard to provide a robust framework for a review process.  It is intended to support rather than put on trial, but it is also a searching process designed to develop and sustain your ministry.

I hope that every Reader, and all those called upon to support Readers, will embrace this process of review with enthusiasm.  And I give thanks to all those who have laboured to prepare this process.  The Scriptures speak of the need for us to exhort one another.  The present document sets out a structured, fair and balanced way to consider our ministry – may God bless you in the undertaking of review.

Download the Review Document:

St Asaph Reader Review – English
St Asaph Reader Review – Welsh