Becoming a Pastoral Assistant/Worship Leader

  1. An individual or a group within a parish wonder whether God is calling them to offer a ministry as pastoral assistants (PA) or worship leaders (WL) OR the Mission Area (MA) or Parish discern a need for these ministries and identify and call individuals to consider them. The Living and Learning Module “Called by God” may help in these processes. The Incumbent (or Area Dean during a clerical vacancy) talks it over with candidates.
  2. If they and the Incumbent consider that they have the right gifts for this role, he/she raises the possibility of conducting PA or WL training within the Mission Area and seeks the approval of the PCC and Mission Area Leadership for each candidate to proceed. Care should be taken to identify whether lay ministers will work in one church, a group, or across the MA. Attention should be given to the support networks lay ministers have, any ways in which they can work as a team, and that roles, expectations and lines of responsibility and support are clear.
  3. Training course material can be obtained from the St Padarn’s website.
  4. Support is available from Rev Dr Richard Hainsworth or on 01352 840842
  5. BEFORE commissioning, those who want to become PA(s) or WL(s) must be DBS checked by their parish through the Church in Wales systems and all candidates must be aware of Safeguarding Policies.
  6. PA and WLs are commissioned in a team alongside others in ministry in the Mission Area, by their Mission Area Leader. Their role is endorsed annually at the first meeting of the MAC following the Vestry Meeting. Their role is reported to the Diocese using the annual returns process.
  7. They must receive regular supervision and meet in groups along with others from the MA from the Incumbent / Mission Area leader or other designated local person with Pastoral oversight. They may also meet in support groups in a wider area. They are invited to attend regular in-service training through the Training Together Programme, a prospectus for which is published annually.