Developing Shared Ministry

2020 Vision encourages local churches and Mission Areas to develop their own vision for mission and service to their communities.  Each church and Mission Area will be at a different place in its thinking about shared ministry.  The following maybe a helpful guide for you:

Stage 1 – undertake a session for your PCC or other church group looking at Shared ministry and why it is part of the vision of the church.

Stage 2 – Conduct a Skills audit – skills audita simple form to allow people to indicate what areas of the Church’s life they are interested in or feel they can make a contribution.  You can adapt your own from this example:

Stage 3 – Form a group of people to look at forming a ministry team in your area.  It could be within one church or a number working together, perhaps the whole Mission Area.  Those who attend do not all need to be ‘candidates’ for a particular role.  Just people who want to explore together and encourage each other in their faith with an openness to what the future ministry of the church might look like.

You may wish to think strategically about who is invited to be part of this group.  Not everyone is good at volunteering themselves and they may not recognize the gifts that they have.

This group could study the Living and Learning Modules ending with the one on Vocation and Calling.

Stage 4 – Some members of the group may at this point want to explore one of the many ministry roles outlined in the framework.  This will need a time of discernment in the local church and Mission Area.  Few a few ministries, it will be necessary to involved the Diocesan team at this point.  Many other ministries can be discerned and trained for locally in your own ways and at your own pace.

Stage 5 – Set up an Exploring Faith Group locally to equip those who wish to study in a more indepth way for their own discipleship or train locally for a licensed ministry.