A framework for ministry

The framework below was produced by the Ministry Officers and agreed by the Bench of Bishops in 2015 for use in all diocese.  (To read the full version and the reasoning behind it, see the Ministry Report to the Governing Body, September 2015.

The diagram below uses the Provincial term ‘Ministry Area’, what we call Mission Areas in St Asaph:

ministry framework














The framework sees ministry as being carried out in three local contexts.

In the Diocesan context we will now discern and train Licensed Readers, Pastoral Ministers, Evangelists and Youth and Children’s Ministers, as well as Deacons and Priests.

Mission Areas have the freedom to discern the need for and vocations to Pastoral Assistant, Worship Leader, Outreach Worker, Youth and Children’s Worker and Teacher/Catechist ministries.

Local churches can appoint their members to many other local roles and have the freedom to decide which roles are needed.

The Diocese and Province will make resources available to assist with this process.

To find out more about each of these ministries, see the How do I become a…?