Steering Groups

Every organisation needs a strategy. In the Diocese of St Asaph we have three Steering Groups who look after different areas of Church life. They meet independently in the same venue twice a year. This means that after they have spent time discussing their plans, they are able to share them with the other groups to ensure a co-ordinated approach across the Diocese.

The Developing Steering Group looks after authorised ministry in the Diocese of St Asaph. They encourage everyone – clergy and laity – to consider what God is calling them to.

The Nurturing Steering Group looks after Church Schools, youth and children’s work and adult education.

The Engaging Steering Group focus their attention on the Church’s integration with the world. This may be in the form of social justice and overseas mission, or in everyday relationships

Developing Steering Group

The Developing Steering group has responsibility for developing shared ministry, vocations and ministerial training…


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