Copyright law affect churches

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) is urging churches to be aware of laws which govern the use of recorded sounds in church activities.

Since Saturday 1 January 2011, it has been a breach of copyright to play recorded sounds during church activities without a special licence called a PPL Church Licence.

How does it affect my Church?

Churches that currently play live music should already have something called a PRS for Music Church Licence. There will now be an additional requirement to get hold of a PPL Church Licence. Previously Churches and charities were exempt from requiring a licence from PPL, that exemption has now been removed.

The only exemption that still applies is if the Church only plays sound recordings during an act of divine worship.

This means that you will need to obtain a PPL Church Licence if you use sound recordings in activities such as youth and children’s work, coffee mornings, fetes etc.

What does it cost?

The PPL Church Licence is payable annually and ranges in price depending on the size of your church. The vast majority of Churches will pay less than £100 a year.

For more information and to find out how to purchase a PPL Church Licence, please visit the CCLI website.