St Mary’s Church, Cilcain

Cilcain ToiletThe north aisle of St Mary’s, Cilcain had a problem.

Ever since the 1960s it had been considered a waste of space – so much so that items for the Cilcain Village Show were being stored in there.

In 1997 the PCC decided it was time to do something about it and improve the worship experience for parishioners by installing kitchen and toilet facilities in the north aisle.

But how do you manage to achieve something like that in keeping with the rest of the historic Church?

The answer was a “kitchen in a cupboard” and a “toilet cube” which were fitted within the space itself. When the kitchen is not in use it simply folds away as the pictures below demonstrate.

It means the room is now used for a variety of activities including worship meetings, art exhibitions, informal worship and a Church toddler group.

The project was funded from Church reserves, the Welsh Church Act Fund, the Aggregates Sustainability Levy Fund and a Diocesan Churches Grant.

Cilcain KitchenThe “kitchen in a cupboard” at St Mary’s, Cilcain

Cilcain Kitchen Doors ShutThe kitchen at St Mary’s, Cilcain folded away in the cupboard