St Giles’ Church, Wrexham

RE Centre 1Sometimes it can be really difficult to get a historic building to perform the functions you would like it to.

For years St Giles’ Church in Wrexham had that problem. Schools would visit as part of their Religious Education curriculum but the Church didn’t have decent facilities for teaching and learning.

Now all that has changed after a huge re-ordering project to create the St Giles’ Centre for RE and Faith Development.

It was officially opened in January 2012 by the Archbishop of Wales and includes a two storey building with offices, a kitchen and a learning space. The project has been completed within the fabric of the existing building.

There is also a cafe area that can be completely split off from the rest of the Church.

The improvements blend seamlessly with the existing building and it provides a wonderful mix of old and new.

This project was funded by a £300,000 grant from the Wrexham Parochial Education Foundation while the rest of scheme was paid for from specific bequests.

By making these improvements to the historic building at St Giles’, it means school groups can use the space created at the back of the Church without disturbing any services or events that might be taking place in the main Church itself.

Office space has also provided the Wrexham Benefice administration team with a base to work out of inside the Church itself.

Total Cost of this project in 2011: £500,000

St Giles' Cafe AreaThe cafe area at St Giles’ Centre for RE, Wrexham

ST Giles' Meeting RoomThe blend of old and new in the meeting room at the St Giles’ Centre for RE