St Aelhaiarn’s, Guilsfield

Guilsfield KitchenHow do you install a kitchen at the back of a historic building that’s Grade 1 listed?

That was the question facing the congregation at Guilsfield Church when they decided they wanted facilities to help them in their fellowship.

Here’s the answer.

Close inspection reveals a tiny gap between the kitchen and the wall to ensure that there was no impact to the fabric of the Church.

This meant specialist craftsmen had to be employed to build the kitchen to precise specifications. While this was more expensive than an “off the shelf” product, it was necessary to get the relevant permissions.

It means the kitchen is not too visually intrusive and it was installed in such a way that it didn’t compromise the fabric of St Aelhaiarn’s Church.

So even if your Church is Grade 1 listed, there are still improvements that you can make to enhance your building.

Total cost in 2008: £8000

Guilsfield Kitchen altThe Kitchen has a tiny gap between the worktop and rear Church wall

Guilsfield Kitchen alt altThe kitchen is visually unintrusive, the wood blending with the pews