St David’s, Pensarn

Dewi Sant FoundationsWhen an estimate of around £1m was quoted to parishioners in Pensarn, Abergele to build a new facility at St David’s Church it seemed the dream to replace the 1880 “tin” Church would never be realised.

However after grant applications were put forward, Big Lottery stepped in with £500,000 followed by £300,000 from the Welsh Assembly’s Community Facilities and Activities Programme.

After smaller grants were also received and local people raised around £50,000 of the money, the Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre became a reality and opened in March 2011.

The vision was for a building that could best serve the needs of the community, so as well as a small worship area, there is a big open space with a sprung floor used for dance workshops. IT classes are held in one of the outer rooms and there is also a bistro.

To raise the sort of money needed for a project like this, you need to be able to demonstrate not only that the Church supports it, but also that you have the support of the wider community.

It took nearly 12 months to complete the work and although it was a daunting task, it is amazing what can be achieved with faith!

Total cost in 2010: £1,000,000

Abergele - Worship AreaThe Worship Area at Canolfan Dewi Sant

Canolfan Dewi SantCanolfan Dewi Sant, Pensarn, Abergele