Christ Church Bala

Bala StairsChrist Church in Bala was cold and damp.

The Church had previously tried to create a meeting room in the tower but because of the damp problem this soon became unusable.

Despite having plenty of community facilities in Bala, they were heavily oversubscribed and the Church often found it difficult to run activities other than regular services, often having to go to the local Church Primary School.

To fix this problem, the Church decided on a radical re-ordering project.

After repairing the fabric of the building to eradicate the damp problem, the internal space was arranged so that two activities could be run inside the Church simultaneously.

The interior was stripped back and the inside rebuilt to include a community room, offices, toilets and a kitchen. The Church was able to keep the same capacity for worship by providing extra seating in an upstairs gallery.

The Parish took part in a vigorous fundraising campaign to pay for the project and also received cash from Heritage Lottery Fund, the Representative Body, Diocesan Grants and Cadw.

Total Cost in 2007 – £654,000

Bala Main AreaThe main Worship area at the re-ordered Christ Church, Bala

Bala RestaurantThe Community Room at Christ Church, Bala