You should now apply for a Faculty through the online system. Please go to the Church Heritage Cymru site and register. This will provide access to the online faculty system which is:

  • Easier to use
  • Transparent – you will be able to log in and see how your application is progressing at any time
  • A more streamlined process
  • Less involved process for minor works
  • Forms and information easily accessible at any time

There have been some important changes to the Faculty system:

List A applications cover routine maintenance or minor like for like repairs. These should be put on the system but require no formal permission to proceed, although both the DAC and the Registrar are informed.

List B applications cover straightforward works (boiler replacement, etc) that have little or no impact on the historic fabric of the church. They are reviewed by DAC members and require the permission of the Registrar before work can proceed.

Full Faculty Applications are also now online. This process otherwise remains the same – forms can be downloaded onto the system, consultation will take place and approval has to be given by the Chancellor.

The Church in Wales benefits from the Ecclesiastical Exemption and the majority of our church buildings are not subject to Listed Building Consent from the Local Planning Authority. However, it is important to remember that although Listed Building Consent may not be required, Planning Permission may be needed if changes are to be made to the exterior of the building or churchyard. There is no exemption from this, or from the need for Building Regulations for certain types of works. Please contact your Local Authority for further information.