St Melangell Centre


What is the St Melangell Centre?

A Centre linked to an ancient site of Christian Pilgrimage which offers a contemplative space and an opportunity for refreshment and renewal.

There is a long tradition of Healing ministry here and a programme of Quiet Days. Individuals or groups can book into the centre to meet, to reflect and to make contact and seek support.

We specialise in helping people with spiritual issues and one to one confidential help is available.

Shrine Church of St Melangell

St Melangell ChurchThe Shrine Church is of historic interest with its jewel being the only Romanesque shrine in Europe from the 12th century. It is built on an Ancient Christian Site where there has been a church for over 1200 years.

The round churchyard was a Bronze Age site and is encompassed by yew trees some of which are over 2000 years old. It offers a place of stillness to pray to contemplate and to worship. There is also a shop selling a variety of cards, books and gifts. There is a rhythm of Daily Worship and intercessions.


The Centre offers a large meeting room where people can gather to make contact, have refreshments and take part in Quiet days. It also has a kitchen, office and toilet all with disabled access.

The gardens are set in beautiful country side where one can walk, rest or enjoy nature at its best in this beautiful valley whatever the time of the year.

Beudy Bach

Beudy Bach is a self contained building set apart from the centre which is used for confidential one to one work. It can also be used by individuals or groups up to four people for meeting, quiet and study.

It has its own toilet facilities and running water, kettle, fridge and microwave.


As a Centre we receive no grant aid and we are therefore self supporting.

There are established funds which support the ministry and services on offer, pays the telephone bills, postage, electricity and administration costs and all expenses incurred with running the centre and all it has to offer.


Statue St MelangellPennant Melangell is a place beyond words and far from the rush of 21st century life; a place where God speaks in the silence and where all people have an opportunity to experience a sense of the Holy.

The restored church is open daily for prayer and worship and we welcome all pilgrims and visitors and look forward to welcoming you on your pilgrimage and hope you will take away a lasting sense of the peace of Christ.