Going to Church

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Going to Church by John Pritchard                                  


A very easy and amusing read thatgives a lot of interesting background about what we do and why we do it! There are three main sections:


The Church as it is

This takes a realistic, warts-and-all look at church and is certainly thought provoking for those of us who are involved.  However, while this IS realistic, it is gentle and is aimed at those who are thinking of coming to church as much as those who are already involved.

The Church as it should be

What is the Church for?  The book looks at a number of different views of what church is about, such as worship, mission and community.

The Church as it might become

Jusrt to give a very brief flavour, Chapter 20 begins with these words:  “I’ve indicated in this book that not every church is God’s gift to the interested newcomer.  I’ve also appealed for mercy on the grounds of common human frailty, and invited the reader to look deeper into the central calling of the Church – being there for God in worship, mission and service”

Buy it! Read it!! Give it to your friends!!!


Hugh Burgess, 2011

Pritchard, John Going to Church, a User’s Guide. London: SPCK (2009)