Small Groups

The early church was based on small groups of Christians coming together to worship, learn, encourage and to support one another. The basis of the Cursillo Movement is also the small group.

These groups, made up of three or four friends, meet together regularly, perhaps weekly and follow a structured format.  This is known as the Floating Group Reunion”.  All Cursillo meetings use this approach, which is designed to give encouragement to all by hearing the stories of others.


Cursillo is founded on three principles that, together help us to grow as disciples and to be effective where we are.  These principles are:

Prayer (or piety) – which focuses us on God

Study – which helps us to grow as disciples

Action – which focuses us on Christian action where we are.

Together these three form a “virtuous circle”: Prayer leads to study which leads to action which leads to prayer.

In the Floating Group Reunion each person may, if they wish (and there is no compuklsion) speak for a few moments about some experience, encounter or action that has inspired them.  This is not a discussion group and each person may speak in turn, saying whatever is on their heart.  Whatever is said is kept private within the group, but the effect of this regular sharing is that together the group members grow through the mutual encouragement they receive from discovering that others have similar experiences.