Glossary of Terms




Cursillo Literally a “short course” (of study).  The Cursillo movement is a structured approach to discipleship based on principles originally developed by the church in Spain
Day of Deeper Understanding The DDU is a one day series of talks and workshops designed to help us deepn ouyr faith through a better understanding of the Cursillo Method
Fourth Day The rest of our lives – used to represent the days after the Three Day Weekend
Palanca Literally “a lever” – generally used to mean a small prayer, often represented by a short written message or other token gesture
Pathway Y Llwybr

The magazine of Cursillo Cymru St Asaph.  Pathway is an occasional magazine published between one and three times a year.  Click here to contact the Editor.

Servant Community Those people who are members of the support groups for the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese.  Cursillo has a “bottom up” approach to leadership, hence those who lead are seen to be servants of the community.
Small Group The basic building block of Cursillo.  A group of three or four friends who meet regularly to grow together as disciples.
Sponsorship The process by which those who wish to become involved in the Cursillo Movement are supported and encouraged in their discipleship.  A sponsor is simply an experienced friend
Ultreya! Literally “Keep going!  Press on!”.  This is the traditional encouragement for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Within the Cursillo Movement it continues to be used in this way, but also Ultreya! are meetings at which we encourage one another in our discipleship.