You may be coming to these pages either because you’ve heard of Cursillo and want to know more or perhaps because you’ve simply stumbled upon this page and are intrigued. Either way we hope that you will be interested and that these pages may give you further information

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is pronounced “Cur-see-yo”. The word itself is Spanish and simply means “a short course”. The origins of the Cursillo Movement are to be found in the church in Spain following the civil war. The church found itself greatly divided and decided to run a series of short courses (Cursillo) in preparation for a great pilgrimage of healing to Santiago de Compostella. More than 70,000 pilgrims walked from all over Spain to Santiago in a great celebration of healing and reconciliation.

As a result of this a number of people recognised the value of the approach and the Cursillo movement was born.

Initially it moved to Mexico and then over the border to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas. Still later it moved  across into the  Anglican church in Dallas and subsequently came to the UK, to the Diocese of Bangor, in 1981.  This is described in a short article originally published in 1999 by Canon Hywyn Jones.

It came to St Asaph some years later.

Cursillo in St Asaph is affilaited to The British Anglican Cursillo Council (BACC) and through BACC has links with many other dioceses throughout the UK.

Anglican Cursillo is…

a movement of the Church providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and enabled to share Gods love with everyone.

This is the mission statement published by the British Anglican Cursillo Council … but what does it mean?

In essence, we encourage one another in our Christian lives ensuring a good balance between prayer, study and action. We do this through a three day weekend, which is a course in Christian living comprising 15 talks and 5 meditations. As well as the weekend, we meet small groups for mutual support and encouragement.

The overall emphasis is that we should work for Christ where we are, which for most of us means in our own parishes. Where there are active members of the Cursillo movement things do happen!

Cursillo in St Asaph is part of the wider Cursillo movement in the UK which currently includes more than 30 Dioceses. We are active in the wider movement and although one of the smaller diocesan Cursillos, we have had a number of members in leadership roles within the UK movement.

The Three Day Weekend

We encourage those who are interested to meet other members of the movement and particular to participate in one of the small groups. This is the best way to find out what we are about. When you feel ready we would then love to see you on a weekend. This lasts from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon and is intended to encourage a sense of Christian community and love. For many this is a life-defining experience but, at its simplest it is made up of a series of 15 talks given by lay and ordained people on a range of subjects to do with the Christian life. There are also five meditations on a range of themes.

Before anyone comes on the weekend we do like, in contrast to the past, to tell people what to expect. It is more than just a course of study and is much more about the experience.

How can I find out more?

Cursillo operates under the authority of the Bishop who appoints a Lay Director and a Spiritual Director either of whom would be very pleased to give you more information.

Lay Director

Helen Taubman

Helen has been involved in Cursillo for a number of years and has been the BACC rep for the last couple of years. 

She was appointed Lay Director by Bishop Gregory in 2011.  

Spiritual Director
The Revd Hugh Burgess 01352 741 646
Hugh attended a Cursillo weekend in 1998 and subsequently trained as a Reader in the Diocese before later offering for ordination.

He was ordained in 2006 and is currently Priest inCharge of The Mountain Parishes of Halkyn, Caerfallwch (Rhosesmor) and Rhesycae. He has been on the weekend team for Cursillo as both a lay and ordained person in the Dioceses os St Asaph and St David’s.  He has also staffed on the Cursillo Leaders’ Workshop.

Hugh became Spiritual Director in 2010. Hugh also has a job in the IT industry where he works for a major international consultancy firm.

Cursillo Cymru St. Asaph is a Registered Charity – 1042488

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