Widows, Orphans and Dependants Society

One of the charities supported by the Diocese of St Asaph is the Widows, Orphans and Dependants Society (WODS).

Its purpose is to offer financial support to struggling clergy widows/widowers, orphans and dependants left behind after the death of a clergyperson.

The WODS Committee ensures that a widow/widower of a clergyperson in this diocese receives a minimum income of £13,700 a year.  It ensures a dependant gets a minimum income of £13,100 and an orphan a minimum income of £2,500.

Around 40 widows/widowers are registered with the charity and in 2012 the Society assisted six of them.

Another aspect of the ministry is to ensure that all those registered with the charity receive gifts and cards at Easter and Christmas.

Clive Myers is Chair of WODS and is encouraging people to give generously to this worthwhile cause.  He said:

“On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank clergy, laity and parishes for their continued support of the Society.  I would also like to ask that you continue to remember the work of the Society in your prayers and with your gifts in the coming year.”

Could you consider supporting this cause to help those grieving after the death of a clergyperson?  If so please send your donation made payable to St Asaph WODS to the Diocesan Office:

Diocesan Office,
High Street,
St Asaph
LL17 0RD