Parish Buying Service

SMoney WEBave money – buy in bulk!

Individual parishes in the Church in Wales and the Church of England can now club together to buy products they need for their churches.

The Anglican Church, in partnership with dioceses has launched The Parish Buying Service which aims to take the stress out of buying many of the key products and services that churches use. It offers tips, advice and national contracts to help you buy with confidence – thus saving time and money.

All sorts of products can be purchased this way, from the energy needed to heat and light the church through to paper for the service sheets. Across the UK, the Anglican Church spends around £200 million each year on these kinds of operational costs.

Parishes have traditionally made these purchases independently so they haven’t benefitted from the combined purchasing power. The Parish Buying service is changing this by bringing these spends together and negotiating favourable deals from approved suppliers.

This new service has been developed by two National Procurement Officers, Robert Kissick and Russell Stables, working with the Church in Wales and the Church of England.

The national contracts available to you include Electricity and Gas, Heating Oil, Photocopiers, Stationary, IT Software and Fire Safety.

Parish Buying does not only offer national contracts. The website includes a range of buying guides with helpful tips and advice to help parishes buy more effectively across a range of areas.

This service aims to support you in your stewardship, releasing resource for your mission and ministry!