Becoming a Generous People

Becoming a Generous People


In 2012 a series of events throughout Wales introduced the programme “Becoming a generous people” which consisted of four themes with the intention that parishes focus on one theme a year, choosing the order that seemed the most appropriate. After three years many churches find themselves in very different circumstances, some as part of ministry/mission areas, some with different clergy and leaders and so some may well find it worthwhile to re-visit the programme or indeed try it for the first time.

Rather than provide specific material for each theme links were suggested to a selection of the resources available but inevitably over the last three years some of these resources are no longer accessible while others have been updated and revised.

As of March 2015 the following links provide the resources needed to start exploring each theme and many churches have already found that their stewardship, generosity and giving have been transformed by doing exactly that.

The original explanatory brochure may be found at:

Printed copies may still be available in Diocesan Offices


Becoming a generous people – Growing a culture of generosity

Becoming a giving people – Encouraging regular giving

Becoming a visionary people – Planning for growth

Growth/Mission Action Plans are increasingly common features of parish, deanery and diocesan life; an internet search will produce hundreds of examples.


How to do Mission Action Planning, Mike Chew & Mark Ireland

The Healthy Churches’ Handbook, Robert Warren

Developing healthy Churches, Robert Warren

General information

Diocesan sites

Becoming a thoughtful people – Encouraging a lasting gift