Fundraising – Community Events

If your Mission Area has to do lots of fundraising to pay for the regular church bills such as the Share, it may be time to look at the levels of giving within the congregation. Whilst it is reasonable to ask the local community for help in replacing the church roof, or re-ordering to provide a community space, the everyday running costs should be met by the congregation. It may be useful to look at the Stewardship area of this website if you are in this position.

However, community fundraising is a great opportunity to raise money for special projects. It can also provide an opportunity for the church to reach out into the community, and to bring the community together.

Someone once said to me “we have jumble sales – they’re boring and don’t raise much money but we’ve always done them”. Look at the word FUNDRAISING again – it should have FUN in it. Even if it means hard work for the committee, those attending should reasonably expect to have fun, and it should raise money.

So, when planning this year’s fundraising events, you may find it useful to ask the following questions:-

Why are you raising funds?

Is it to raise income for a special project or to meet regular bills (if the latter, could it be that you should be looking at the stewardship section of this website?)

Are you raising awareness – of the church, the facilities you have to offer, your support for the community?

Is it to mark a special anniversary or to launch a new facility or service?

What are you planning?

Has it been done before? Was it successful? Could it be improved?
If it’s a new idea – is it feasible? Will people be interested?  Have you the expertise, budget and resources? Will it be cost-effective?

Who will be involved?

Who will help you to plan, organise, be there at the event, and help clear up afterwards?

Can you work with other organisations to lighten the load, will they want a share of the funds raised, or a donation to their funds?

When will it take place?

Does the event need to take place at a certain time of year, e.g. Christmas Fair?

Is the weather important? Will it be an indoor or outdoor event? What contingencies can be put in place in case of bad weather?

Does the proposed date clash with other community events?

Where will it take place?

Do you have a suitable venue, or is there one you could use? Consider size, location, and parking. Would there be an impact on the neighbours?  What would the cost be of hiring the venue?

Do you need to seek permission, or planning permission?

Do you need a license or permit?  What would the cost be?