Mission Area Funding

In this area of the website you will find resources for encouraging generosity; links to funding opportunities; information about producing accounts and help with meeting the requirements of the Charity Commission.

If you can’t find something that you think belongs on this area of the website, please email Funding Officer Tracey White so that we can fix it.

What we believe…About Using Our Resources

Christians are called to use all their resources for God’s purposes.  This means using our time, our skills and our money for God.

In our materialistic society, living with debt is often the norm.  The purchase of the latest gadget feels so important, but God has a different perspective. Jesus teaches us to love people and use things – but society often seems to do the opposite.

Jesus told stories to challenge people about how they use their money and possessions. He talked so much about money because he knew how our lives often revolve around it.

Christians believe that everything they have comes from God. Even the money earned is earned using gifts given by God. So it isn’t unreasonable to try and follow God’s teaching in how we use the money.

We are taught to budget, so that we don’t get into debt; to save wisely but not to excess; to spend prudently and to support our families. God wants our resources to flow freely wherever the need happens to be. We are taught that our attitude to this giving is more important than how much we give. We try to give generously whilst being cheerful about it. Not always easy!

If you would like to find out more about what the bible says about how we use our money, visit the giving/stewardship area of this website.