Bishop Gregory’s Presidential address

Bishop Gregory asked Diocesan Conference what the Church should stand for in his keynote address in Llangollen.

He started with some humorous slides which suggested ways in which products are not always well marketed before relating this to what we say about the Church.

Bishop Presidential Address 2

Talking about “supersimplification”, Bishop Gregory explained that increasingly companies are using three words to sell their products. But how would we describe the Church?

He said:

“What is it that the Church in Wales stands for? How would you describe it in three words? How would you describe why we exist? I want the Church to be about truth, justice and inclusion.”

Conference was asked to answer this question and the responses will be used by Bishop Gregory to form his Advent Pastoral message.

Coming back to the theme of the Conference, the bishop then drew attention to the motto we are adopting as we take 2020 Vision forward: Unlocking our Potential.

He added:

“Unlocking our Potential says in three words what we are trying to do together. Last year I told you that you had permission, but permission to do what? It is permission to interpret, apply and live the Gospel.”