Conference Workshops

Here is a brief description of the Diocesan Conference 2017 workshops:

Land & Property

Find out more about plans to create a Diocesan Property Board which will combine the Parsonage Board and the Churches and Pastoral Committee.  How can this new board support your Mission Area plans, offer advice on building projects and help you think strategically about the property you look after?

Rural Challenges: Roz Crawford

Find out how one of St Asaph’s most rural Mission Areas is meeting the challenges and opportunities created by rural ministry.

Fresh Expressions:  Sarah Wheat/Sue Hughes

How can the church respond to the pace of change in the world?  This interactive session, will look at what a Fresh Expression of Church is and offer examples of Fresh Expressions in different settings (rural and urban).

Pilgrimages: Tim Feak

Pilgrimages have become and are continuing to be highly popular amongst young people as they search for meaning in their lives.  Come and hear the story and be inspired by a group of young people from our Diocese who walked our very own North Wales Pilgrims Way.

Collective Worship: the cake in the school day lunchbox: Simon Cameron

A presentation and discussion of what collective worship in schools is – and isn’t! Considerations will include its place in the school day, the history and rationale behind it, legal requirements and the parental right of withdrawal, essential elements, and some strategies to help keep it meaningful and relevant.

Welcome & inclusivity:  Martin Joy

You have made your plans for growth but:

  • have you considered who might attend?
  • Is the welcome suitable for everyone?
  • What are the legal obligations?

Unfortunately, it is far too easy for things to go wrong so this session will focus on making sure that inclusivity forms a part of all the plans for growth. It will offer some practical solutions on how to make the welcome suitable for everyone.  Bring your questions!

Care for the Family

The Nurturing Steering Group is running this workshop which will cover three simple yet powerful principles for happy, healthy relationships: Let’s Stick Together’ introduces simple, practical skills that really work within a relationship. It doesn’t matter how different we are as individuals and couples, or what our circumstances are. The principles of a successful relationship are common to all.

Money Matters: Diocesan Finance Team

Jesus had plenty to say about money and how we should use our financial resources wisely and generously to support the mission of His church. Yet we often find it difficult to be open and honest when discussing church finances. This session will be hosted by the Diocesan Finance team and there will be an opportunity for you to find out more about the diocesan accounts, budgets, mission area finance, legacies and more.


As churches settle into Mission Areas across the Diocese, find out more about the legal framework of the Mission Area Conference and the roles and responsibilities within the MAC.

Growth & Evangelism

Join John Lomas and Tracey White as they help us explore what it takes to grow a church.  You’ll identify a few simple things you could do to begin growing your church.  Anyone can do it with the grace of God – come along and find out how.

The Arts in Worship

How can we enrich worship for all the different sorts of personalities who come to Church? How can we connect church to community through the arts? How can we use drama in school assemblies to tell the Bible stories? How can poetry speak to the soul? Can we use paintings and icons, movement and dance, poetry, monologues and sketches?

If you are interested in using the Arts more in worship and in outreach, come along to a taster session with some people who have tried it.

Communications & Media

The church has a great message to tell but often fails to get that message across effectively.  Find out how the diocese is seeking to refresh and energise its image with new branding, attractive publications and a new online presence.

World Mission (inc SW Tanganyika)

An interactive session presented by the South West Tanganyika Association including video, activities and challenges.  See how the 2020 Vision ideals of engagement with community and young people can be advanced through the diocesan link with Tanzania. How involvement with local schools through the link can benefit the church. Be challenged by the spirit-filled Christians in Tanzania to fast and pray for revival.

Safeguarding in a modern world

Technology has exciting benefits and opportunities but it also presents risk. It is pervasive and touches all areas of our society. This workshop will help you identify those risks and help you understand the mechanisms that can be put in place to reduce such risks and enable children and young people to stay safe in a digital world.