The Power of Prayer

Bringing 2020 Vision to life

At the Time is Now Conference in Llandudno back in November, one key theme kept being repeated as members of the Church in Wales shared stories about their 2020 Vision journey. It was the theme of prayer.

All the successful 2020 Vision initiatives that the Conference heard about had stemmed from prayerful reflection. Prayer was also highlighted by Conference speaker Christina Baxter who explained that she led whole days of prayer – particularly for the Church of England’s General Synod.

The need to root all that we are doing with 2020 Vision in prayer is so important; we  decided that our Diocesan follow-up event to The Time is Now Conference would be focused on prayer. The Power of Prayer – bringing 2020 Vision to life Conference was held in three different venues across the Diocese over the weekend of Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March and was attended by hundreds of people from throughout the Diocese.

We were delighted to welcome internationally acclaimed speaker Mark Yaconelli who joined us for the conferences from America. Mark is a storyteller and a popular speaker and retreat leader around the world. He led us through a time of contemplative prayer before everyone had the opportunity to explore different ways of praying both in groups and as individuals.

Before the conference Mark said:

“I am looking forward to being at St. Asaph to engage in serious play. I am looking forward to telling stories and engaging in conversation and listening for God’s silent love. All of us are overwhelmed. Each of us is quietly yearning for a place where to release the anxiety – the frustration and sorrow that accumulates within our labouring hearts.

“My hope is that we might create a space where we can come home to God. A space where we can allow God to free us from our striving and worrying. My hope is that through humour and creativity and simple forms of prayer we might become more honest, more free, more real – because it is our real selves (not our spiritual selves) whom God loves and desires most deeply.”

You can find out more about Mark’s work on his website.

Resources from the conferences can be downloaded from this page.

PHOTO: Andy Stonehouse