New Brand Guidance

The Diocese of St Asaph is very excited to be launching its new look – a comprehensive refresh of the Unlocking Our Potential logo.  The new branding will be used in all diocesan communications from now on.

For full details on how to use the brand, see the Diocese-of-St-Asaph-Brand-Guidelines-low-res-1.

To downloaded the logo and patterns, please visit this dropbox.  For any assistance, please contact the Communications Officer, Karen Maurice via email or 01745 582245.

For a quick guide on the brand and some useful templates, please see below:

Main logo

For the majority of documents, please use the main logo, alongside the full colour pattern, (all in the dropbox) noting the guidelines:

Leave a clear space around the logo to ensure readability at all times. The space should be equal to the width of the “EIN” in the logo. Or for English only versions use the “OUR” in the logo.

Use the logo at the correct size without stretching or distorting in any way.

Don’t mix and match the colours, please.

Support logos

If you prefer to only use a single colour pattern, please use the corresponding support logo (keys and colour scheme).  For example:

For further help and guidance with this, please contact the Communications Officer, Karen Maurice.


For single letters, please use the full colour template and continuation sheet (if required):

If bulk mailing, please use the black and white option:

For posters, there are a couple of options:

For Powerpoint presentations, please select suitable slides: