Financial aid for Children’s work

Money for local initiatives

As part of our commitment to youth work (11+) in the diocese we have been making funding available to youth projects based in parish groupings,  deaneries or Archdeaconries.

There is still some money available; please contact Tim Feak for more information.

  • Each application will be assessed according to these criteria:
    • Is there an identifiable need for the project?  How will it further the ministry and mission of the Church in the area?
    • Does the project have the capacity to become self-sustaining, once the diocese ceases to offer funding and what are the indications that it will be
    • Are there opportunities for
      collaboration with other community groups parishes, or denominations.
    • Are there other sources of funding
      available – could funding from the
      diocese be used for match funding?
    • How will the project be managed?
    • Have targets been set?
    • Will there be an opportunity to share the experience with other parts of the
      archdeaconry / diocese and what training
      possibilities could extend from the project?

The Archbishop of Wales’ Fund for Children

Established by the Church in Wales in 2001 as a response to the Children’s Society’s decision to withdraw from Wales, the fund is administered by a Board of Trustees and staff of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales who provide day to day clerical and administrative service.

The fund is a registered charity. Our charity number is 102236.

There are five Trustees, appointed by the Bench of Bishops. The Chairman of the board of Trustees is The Reverend J Michael Williams. The Secretary to the Board of Trustees is Mrs Karen Phillips.

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