Recommended Resource

In this section you will find a review of a particular resource which may aid your work with children.

Church should and can be for every age.  Yet we struggle with finding ways of engaging adult and child in the same service.  We need to be creative and find new ways of having fun and learning in a church service context.  Sometimes the lectionary and weekly readings can seem restrictive but using this resource may breath new life into the scriptures and our worship.


What is it?

The Scripture Union All Age Worship Lectionary Services run through the entire lectionary through years A, B and C.  Beautifully presented the books contain the readings for that particular Sunday and then a brief aim and introduction to the service.  It then gives suggestions on effective ways of delivering the Bible reading, talk and prayers, sometimes with 2 different options.  It gives advice on the end of the service and creative ‘helpful extras’.  At the end of each section there is a list of online resources to download should you want to. 

There are 3 books in all and although the lectionary that we use in Wales is mariginally different most weeks do not differ at all from these books.


Who should use it?

Anyone who leads worship in church should find this very useful.  Sometimes we need that bit of extra inspiration.  This book will help with that.  I would endorse using this if you already have an established all age congregation and need a helping hand with content.  It will not provide you with a blue print for reaching people who are not already engaged with church.  We should not presume that this is the only way of ‘doing’ church.  Sometimes we need to let go of our structures and do something totally different!


Where can I get it? 

Scripture Union


How Much?

£20 per book.