The Diocesan Office

Administration Team

Diocesan Secretary:DianeMcCarthySMALL.jpg Diane McCarthy

01745 532591

Member of the Bishop’s Staff Team; leads the diocesan administration team to play its part in the formulation, development and delivery of diocesan strategy and policy to support God’s mission and ministry in North East Wales.


Administration and Resources Officer: Karen Williams

01745 532587

Diocesan / Cathedral Administrator and Chapter Clerk. Responsible for managing the programme of quinquennial inspections and diocesan elections.


Administrative Assistant: Siân Connelly

01745 532582

Provides administrative support for the office, especially Lifelong Learning and Communication.


Churches Conservation and Development Officer: Jan Williams

01745 532584

Helps pJanW.jpgarishes to identify appropriate solutions for church buildings and sites that meet the needs of the parishes whilst conserving and enhancing their architectural and
historical significance. Administers the work of the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.


Communications Officer: Karen MauriceKaren Maurice

01745 532588

Press Officer for the Diocese; editor of the Diocesan newsletter ‘Teulu Asaph’, the Diocesan directory and other occasional publications; webmaster.




Director of Lifelong Learning: Roz Williams

01745 532593

Has strategic responsibility for Schools, Under 25s work and Adult Lay Training. Lead officer of the Board of Lifelong Learning and works closely with the local authorities on leadership and management issues in schools. Convenes the Diocesan Training Group.

Sarah WheatEngagement Officer: Sarah Wheat

01745 532596

Lead officer for the Engaging Steering Group



Finance Officer: Graham Walker

01745 532590

Manages the financial and IT systems for the Cathedral and Diocese, including the calculation and collection of parish share. Plans and maintains the Diocesan budget and produces the accounts and financial statements for the Diocesan Board of Finance.

Adam TaylorFinance Assistant: Adam Taylor

Supports the Finance Officer; makes expense payments and maintains the ledgers and accounts for the Diocese.


Funding and Parish Support Officer: Tracey White
01745 532589

TraceyWhite.jpgProvides resources for parishes seeking funding for projects; guidance on preparing applications and on Giftaid, VAT and parish governance issues; to enable parishes to teach Christian giving.

Martin SchlangenFunding Administrator: Martin Schlangen

Provides advice and guidance for churches seeking funding for projects.





Parsonage Board Inspector: Dewi Thomas 

01745 532586

Has responsibility for the care of all parsonages within the Diocese. Manages the programme of maintenance, alteration, improvement and replacement of parsonages to ensure that parsonages are adequate and safe for our clergy and their families.

Properties Administrator: Rachel Cutler 

Supports the Parsonage Board Inspector and the Churches Conservation and Development Officer administering the work of the Parsonage Board and the Diocesan Advisory Committee

Wendy LemonProvincial Safeguarding Officer: Wendy Lemon 

07392 391064

Based in North Wales, Wendy deals with complaints or concerns arising in the Diocese of St Asaph as well as the dioceses of Bangor and St David’s.



Joy Kett croppedSafeguarding Support Officer: Joy Kett

07881 016186

Joy is responsible for administering the safeguarding programme in the diocese and supporting churches and Mission Areas in training and development for safe ministry.

Simon Cameron


Schools Officer (Statutory Education): Simon Cameron

01745 532594

Helps schools with curriculum matters, school improvement programmes and inspections. Co-ordinates the work of the Bishop’s Visitors to schools.
Sheridan Goodwin

Business Support Officer: Sheridan Goodey

01745 532592

Sheridan has responsibility for systems governance, asset management, the administration of the CRAMP scheme and the 21st Century Schools programme.  She will provide advice on Admissions and statutory and legal issues relating to the Church in Wales.


Under 25s’ Officer: Tim Feak

01745 532595

Oversees, develops and sustains work with the U25s within the Diocese. Works with children and youth workers, develops partnerships with other organisations and increases the capacity of our network of volunteers.