Steering Groups Day – February 2014

Leadership teams from across the Diocese came together in Wrexham this week for a meeting of our Steering Groups.

The Diocese has three Steering Groups and a Grants Committee who meet on the same day at the same venue before feeding back what they have been discussing.  This week they met at the Ramada Hotel.

Steering 9

The Developing Group oversees lay and ordained ministry, the Nurturing Group oversees education, training and youth and children’s work, while the Engaging Group looks at how the Diocese can best minister to the world we live in.  The Grants Committee meet to discuss funding and financing our mission.

High on the agenda at their February 2014 meeting was the move to Mission Areas.  Each Steering Group discussed how this will impact on their work and what still needs to be done to make Mission Areas a reality across the Diocese.

These meeting days only take place twice a year and also include a time of worship as well as fellowship together over lunch.

During the feedback session Under 25’s Officer Tim Feak showed a video of the Ymuno Winter concert at St Asaph Cathedral on behalf of the Nurturing Group.  You can see the video below.

Dr Huw Lloyd – our lay advocate for 20:20 Vision – shared the latest on the move towards Mission Areas (pictured above) on behalf of the Developing Group.  You can visit our 20:20 Vision pages here.

Rocky Bateman then shared news of a project – several years in the making – which is now bearing fruit in Flintshire on behalf of the Engaging Group.  The project has seen the Church in Sandicroft develop a community cafe.  It started with a discipleship group of four people which grew into a committed membership, bringing new people to Church and increasing the size of the congregation.

The Diocesan Grants Committee (below) meets to consider funding applications from across the Diocese.  You can visit their webpage here and apply for funding in time for the next Steering Group meeting in July.  The Grants Committee also looks after the Diocesan Offering which this year will be raising funds for the Farming Community Network.

Steering 3

Our Steering Groups help to shape Church life and are designed to allow different areas of our ministry to come together, communicate well and share their vision.

You can visit the Steering Group pages here.

Or contact the lead officers for each group here:

Developing – Revd Dr Manon James
Engaging – Sarah Wheat
Nurturing – Roz Williams