Help in the Recession

Stewards in a Slump

Published bilingually with the permission of the National Stewardship Office of the Church of England

Stewards in a Slump – English (pdf, 453k)  Stewards in a Slump – Welsh (pdf, 456k)


Church Action on Poverty – the leading Christian charity on poverty issues with a wide range of contacts and resources:  Visit their website

National Christian Debt Counselling Service
Visit their website

The Industrial Mission Association web page is well worth a visit

Credit Action is a national money education charity (registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1106941) established in 1994.
They offer a range of resources, tools and training to help everybody handle their money well, and help others to do likewise.

Churches Together News & Action Page on what the churches are doing

Matter of life and debt – Church of England, good resources, downloadable leaflet, prayers etc Powerpoint presentation and help with sermons if you go to the “How your church can help…” page

Liverpool Diocese resources

Understanding the Economics

If you want to increase your understanding of the current economic crisis, these are some good places to start:

Ann Pettifor, founder of Jubilee 2000, went away and taught herself economics.  She at least, can claim to have written about the “The Coming World Debt Crisis” in 2006.  This is her website:

The New Economics Foundation has been examining alternatives to the current world economic order for some time.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation – UK site for statistics on poverty and social exclusion


Sermons, Prayers, Liturgy

Matter of life and debt – Church of England, good resources, downloadable leaflet, prayers etc Powerpoint presentation and help with sermons if you go to the “How your church can help…” page

Holy Ground – Neil Paynter & Helen Boothroyd – Wild Worship Group



Institute for Public Policy Research – up-to-the-minute comment on the financial crisis from 20 experts across the world including Rowan Williams. (pdf 178k)

The New Internationalist magazine has devoted a whole issue to the crisis:

Mike Harrison has copies of the following articles:

  • 2009 0903     Archbishop labels HBOS short sellers as “Bank Robbers”
    An address by the Archbishop of York to the Worshipful Company of International Bankers
  • 2008 1216     The New Capitalism – Robert Peston, BBC Economic Editor
  • 2009 0103     Capitalism is based on Trust and Hope
    An article, by an NSM who is also a managing partner of a city investment firm, which seeks to argue that Christian virtues are basic to capitalism. Hmmm!
  • 2009 0208     We can replicate the beauty that came from the Depression – Will Hutton
    An examination of how Roosevelt solved the last Depression
  • 2009 0309     Patience and Trust – the New Economic Foundations ~ Ethics, Economics and Global Justice
    In a lecture entitled Ethics, Economics and Global Justice given on Saturday 7th March 2009 in Cardiff, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, called for patience from governments, firms and individuals to renew the trust fractured by the economic crisis.
  • 2009 0323     Governments can still avert depression – if they act now
    As world leaders prepare for next month’s London summit, six leading economists suggest what action they should take.
  • 2009 0323     Naked Emperors
    An excellent, readable 10 part guide by two journalists in the New Internationalist Co-operative
  • 2009 0324     The New Work Order
    The recession has made everyone feel a lot less secure about their job
  • 2009 0327     Poverty is not the Problem
    Prof. Richard Wilkinson & Dr. Kate Pratchett, Church Times. Richard Wilkinson is probably the foremost expert on inequality in the UK having studied everyone else’s work on the subject over a period of nearly 30 years.