“The earth is the Lordʼs and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it”

Psalm 24

Whether we like it or not we are all participants in the relationship between the natural environment and the social environment. Alastair McIntosh asks the following questions with relation to this – Human Ecology.

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“Is what I’m doing now feeding the hungry?”, “Is it relevant to the poor or to the broken in nature?”, “Does it contribute to understanding and meaningfulness?” And the central spiritual question, “Does it give life?”

The Work on Ecology in this Diocese and the groups and organisations linked from this page attempt to be a resource to those questions above. We are seeking to extend the reach of God, and at the same time extend our reach for God listening to and reading from both books of God – The Bible, and the whole of creation.

There are any number of ways to engage with human ecology. This is just a selection of places where you might be able to begin.

Forest Church

A Fresh Expression of Church which seeks to participate with creation.

Liturgical Resources

A list of resouces you can use for liturgy around ecological issues in Churches.

Practical resources

Some resources to help you think about what it might mean to be ecologically minded in the Diocese of St Asaph.