Applying for a Faculty

How do I apply for a Faculty?

If advice is needed at an early stage, then either Part 1 of the Faculty Form (available on the resources page) can be submitted, or a letter giving the same information, together with sketches and relevant information (photographs are always helpful).

This can be in paper form or e-mailed.

To make a full Faculty Petition, the following will need to be submitted:

• Faculty Form – Part 2 – completed and signed (available on the resources page)

• Form 2 (available on the resources page) – completed and signed (a copy of this notice must also be displayed outside the church, or on the church noticeboard for 28 days)

• A signed copy of the PCC resolution agreeing to apply for the Faculty

• Architectural drawings, schedules of work and/or specifications relating to the work (no larger than A3) – electronically if possible

• Builder’s quotations

• Photographs relevant to the Faculty – digital if possible

• A Statement of Need, and Statement of Significance if necessary

These can all be submitted electronically, however, all papers that have been signed are to be posted also.

It is the Chancellor who ultimately decides whether to give formal faculty permission for the parish to proceed with the works, taking into account the DAC’s comments along with comments from members of the congregation, wider public and amenity societies. Therefore the work should not commence until a Faculty has been granted.

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